Carrie was wandering through the woods, her boots and cuffs of her pants already caked with mud. No destination in mind, she just climbed over the roots of trees, and occasionally skipped rocks across the surface of the slow-moving river beside the path. It was while skipping rocks she found a frog sitting on the pile of stones. "What a cute little frog," she said, picking it up and nuzzling it's nose. Somehow, the frog slipped in her hand a pressed its thin clammy lips against hers.

"Ew, I don't know you well enough," she laughed, holding the frog farther away from her body. Even as she spoke its outline rippled and blurred and stretch, changing into the shape of a man, whose hips she now had her arms around.

He grinned at her with a million-dollar smile, full to the brim with pearly whites. He had frog-green eyes and he pulled her closer to him. "Dear maiden," he whispered in her hair. "You have released me from my curse. Congratulations princess." He leaned in to kiss her, tongue prepared, blond hair waving in the sudden picturesque breeze when she closed her eyes and gave him a peck on the cheek.

His outline shivered and shook again, this time shrinking back into the shape of a frog. She could vaguely hear him speak in a voice that changed into a croak, "What are you doi-augh" Beethoven's 9th warbled from Carrie's pocket and she pulled out her cell phone.

"Hello, this is Carrie. Oh, hey honey, we still on for dinner tonight? Great, I'll be there, love you," she flipped the lid, tripped lightly over a fallen log, and dropped the frustrated amphibian into a puddle.