Chapter 5: Adore

Madison wondered around her room, in search of something she'd lost but after about thirty minutes of searching, she'd forgotten what exactly she had misplaced. It was small, that was for sure. That was easily assumed because hey, if it was large and noticeable she would have found it by now or more than likely she couldn't have even lost it.

She picked up her phone and dialed, "Jesi, I can't find it."

Jesi laughed, "What?"

Madison pursed her lips, an angry look taking over her normally gentle features, "Well…I don't know."

"Well how can you very well find it then?!" Jesi screeched, "Why do you do things like this? I need to get you a planner, an organizer…maybe a homing device. Remember, that time you lost your car?"

Madison smiled, loving how worked up her best friend got at the littlest thing, "Well, Jessica, as much as I would love to take that oh-so fun walk down memory lane with you, I can't. Obviously, you're not much help and I can't be nagged." Jesi tried to interrupt, "Nope, I got to go. I love you, dear, goodbye."

She hung up the phone and tossed it carelessly on her bed, "Now back to searching—Oh my God! I found it!" Her eyes shot open wide, and grabbed at her previously discarded cell, "My phone!" She held it close to her.

A sudden thunderous clapping shook her out of her skin. Madison's head whipped around towards the window, frightened. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute until she saw him. "River! Go away…" Madison rolled her eyes good naturedly, doing her best to seem annoyed at his unannounced arrival.

He slid his body fully into her room, coming up behind her turned away form. He wrapped his arms around her waist, "You're brilliant." She elbowed him and walked away, sticking her phone in her butt pocket and donning a jacket, "Smart and hostile; what a killing combination."

She put her hand on her hip, staring straight into his cool grey eyes, "Creepy and annoying; My God, how can I not be excited to see you?" She smiled, "We have a door, buddy."

River laughed, plopping himself onto her navy blue bed, "I'm aware but, most girls would find it romantic, you know, a handsome boy climbing up to their window to surprise them."

Madison sighed, "Oh give me a break, that's when it's lovers and—"

He squinted his eyes in mock hurt, "We are lovers. You love me Madison and I put up with you."

"If you ask me, it's the other way around," She snubbed, checking her room and getting ready to take her leave.

"Hm, well it's a good thing I did not. Make like sleeping beauty and be seen, not heard, darling." He stood up and cornered her, placing his hand underneath her chin. Madison gulped, not really expecting the closeness. She had way to much pride to do much else though, "Now why don't we put that big mouth and pretty face to use," He glanced briefly down at her parted, shocked lips with a wide smirk on his.

She closed her eyes, ready to kiss and River followed suit, then as she reached up muttered, "Touch me and I'll put my big knee to even better use!" She pushed at his chest and cackled loudly. Madison opened the door and swung her arm out towards the entrance, "Ladies' first, Prince Charming. I insist."

River laughed and walked out the room, "Let's dance."


The music was almost unbearable; Madison's ear drums pounded loudly in her head. She wasn't exactly a party girl. She went to the occasional high school outing but other than that coffee dates, parks and movies were her specialty.

River held her hand as they walked in. It was his friend, Adams, birthday. He'd told Madison he was turning twenty and she'd resisted going with him. She was pretty young to be hanging out with college boys. She'd be seventeen in two months but still…She thought she'd feel premature around all these hip, young adults and true to her predictions, she did.

River's hand engulfed hers which should have made her feel more secure, a lot safer but instead it made her feel even tinier and younger. "River…" She muttered as he gently pulled her deeper into the party.

He glanced back and gave her a reassuring grin; somehow knowing she didn't really want anything. A tall blonde came up to him, slapping his back and embracing River, "Hey, man!"

Rivers' face light up, "Adam, dude, what the hell?" They both laughed as Madison rolled her hazel eyes. Men laugh way too much. "I thought this was going to be a small get together!" She looked around, feeling a little awkward. Her eyes maneuvered their way to a guy whose hands had already found their way up a girl's shirt. She awkwardly pulled at her brown tank top and glanced down at her simple black jean skirt and chucks, swearing to herself that her clothes would stay on tonight and into the near future.

Adam took a swig out of his red cup, hiccupped and threw his head back in an even bigger cackle, "No, man, for real, I thought so too. It's Johnny's fault." Finally Adam looked over to Madison and his face held surprise, "Oh man, sorry! I would've warned you against bringing your girl here if I would have known."

Adam smiled as Madison spoke, now finding new courage, "One, I can party with the best of them." Adam quirked an amused eyebrow, "And two, we're not a thing." The last part caused River to wince slight, unbeknownst to her.

"Oh really?" Adam smiled.

Madison put a hand on her hip, "Really."

He used his free hand to motion towards Madison, "So there's nothing going on between you and her?" River swallowed and scratched the back of his head.

"Uh, nah, man." He looked into Madison's eyes and said, "She's just a friend."

Adam put his hand to his chin, "Oh so then I guess you won't mind me dancing with your friend?"

River clenched his fist at his side and breathed deeply, "No…" His voice trailed off and he looked down.

Madison bite her lip uncomfortably and looked at Rivers turmoil filled face. She didn't know what to do and before she could mull it over she was being yanked onto the floor. She couldn't help but remember how he'd led her gently. His friend? Not so much. Her head snapped back to River, whose hands were shoved deep into his pocket.

Adam grabbed her hips and pressed his body hard into hers, "Alright, calm down, bud…" She murmured as he ignored her.

"You're really hot." She nodded her mute thanks and tried to ignore him and the stares she felt coming from a certain area of the room. She felt shame—why wasn't she having a good time? She shut her eyes, trying not to think about it.

That didn't last long because as soon as she felt Adam's hands trailing up her skirt, they shot open. She moved his hand back up to her waist and warned, "Stop. Chill out." He laughed loudly and drunkenly in her ear.

"Calm down; no big deal." He did it again. She couldn't believe it! She whipped out his arms and walked away. He grabbed her arm. "Sorry, I was just having a little fun. Loosen up."
Madison laughed, "Puh-lease…"

She went swimming back into the sea of people and couldn't find River. He wouldn't have just left her…At least she didn't think he would but why not? She left him, for his friend, no less. Man, what if he'd left?

"Hey, wait!" A burly, brunette ran up to her. His eyes clear and green unlike Adam's bloodshot blue ones, "You Rivers' girl?" She nodded unconsciously, "Yeah, he's outside. He said he needed a smoke and whenever you wanted I'm supposed to take you back out."

He nodded, "Yeah, thanks." Madison followed him out the hot party and breathed deeply as the fresh air hit her sticky skin. "Thanks." She murmured the moment she set eyes on River. He was standing on the curb, one leg floating in the air and the other holding him up, a cigarette hanging out of his lips. Madison couldn't help but smile and then frown…She'd have to make him quit that nasty habit.

She walked over to him and took the cigarette from his lips. "Stop that," She threw it to the ground and he stomped on it for her. Her face erupted in a grin, "Thank you." She hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He tensed up but then returned the gesture, snaking his arms around her waist.

Madison looked up at him, arms still around his neck. The falling sun beamed onto his face. He looked almost magical and it freaked her out. His eyes were bored but sullen. She smiled, causing him too as well. "Can we get out of here?" He muttered, voice almost catching in his throat.

She squinted, "Are you sure? What about Adams birthday?"

He scoffed, "Trust me, he's got enough company." She giggled as he lifted her. "Lets get the hell out of here."

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