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"Where the fuck am I?" I moan.

The metronome-like pulse of the heart monitors woke me out my sleep; a sleep that felt like years.

"Its ok, settle down," whispers a quiet voice.

"Where am I?" I demand, and my voice starts to get panicky.

"Your at the hospital kid."

I look around at the bright white room with all the fancy equipment everywhere. Then, I vaguely remembered what happened.

Suddenly my brother embraces me in a big hug and I gasp in pain.

"I'm so glad that you're okay Riley!" cries Christian.

"Ouch, pain…ouch! Get off of me!"


"It's fine."

Then something struck my mind. I thrash the sheets off of me and jump out of the bed, yanking the IV out of my wrist. I look at it, but it doesn't seem to phase me.

"Where's mom?!" I ask frantically.

Christian looks up at me with tear filled eyes. A horrible sinking feeling grabs me and pulls me down. I've barely ever seen my older brother cry and I know something bad has happened.

"Riley… she…she's…dead. A drunk driver caused a head-on collision with his and mom's car. You're the only one that made it."

Tears start to fall from his face as I listen in horror.

"No! You're lying!" I scream. "You liar! You Goddamn fucking lying bastard! Why are you doing this to me?"

The room starts to spin around in nauseating circles and I feel like I'm going to fall. I want to throw up. I want to die. This can't be happening.

"Riley! Calm down! Its ok." Christian says calmly.

He pulls me into another hug and I start to shake from sorrow, pity, and fear. What's going to happen to me? What am I gonna do without her? Tears stream down my face and I just lay there in my brother's arms sobbing. A warm feeling is creeping down my arm. What the hell? I lift my head up to see my arm sliced open where the IV used to be.

"Jesus Christ," gasps Christian, "That's bad." I watch the red liquid drip down my arm and again I have the urge to pass out. No shit that's bad you idiot.

"Stay right there," my brother orders.

"Like I'm really going anywhere," I mumble.

"Stay there!"

"I will! Fucking Christ!

My body begins to tremble again. Mom…what am I going to do without you? My knees give out and I collapse onto the cold, tile floor. I grasp my knees and rock back and forth smearing the blood from my arm across the paper hospital gown and my other arm. The whole room is spinning like a merry-go-round stuck on super spin cycle.

"Riley Stop! Riley!"

The room melds together faster and faster. What's happening to me?


With every bump, my forehead smacks into the smooth window of Christian's car. It's giving me a headache along with the cold feeling of the glass. Christian eyes me curiously while he drives down the old road towards the house where mom and I live. Well…she used to live.

"Shouldn't bang your head around like that. Could lose what little brains you have left," He grins and ruffles my hair.

"Don't touch me," I snap, scooting closer to my side of the car.

"No need to get so bitchy, damn."

The car pulls into the drive and before he completely stops, I'm slamming the door of his piece of shit car, and yanking my car keys out of my coat pocket.

"Where the fuck are you going?" he screams at me.

I grit my teeth and dig the keys into the palm of my hand. "I am going to my car because I need to get away from everyone."

"Shouldn't drive right now Riley! You almost died because of a car!"

I scowl and unlock the garage. And there's my car. A red Grand Am. It's not much, but it's one thing that I worked my ass off to get. It's mine to say the least. I grin as the engine starts right up and I back out of the garage.

Christian runs up to the car and yanks on the handle, swinging the door open. I slam on the brakes. "Out of my car asshole!" I scream.

"I'm coming with you."

"Get out of my car Christian," I scream.

"No Riley."

I stare my dumb-ass brother down and turn off the car. "Now what are you doing?" he sighs.

"I'm going inside. Or do you have a problem that too?" I'm so fed up with his bullshit right now that I want to punch my good-for-nothing brother in the face.

"You have a key?" He looks at me in surprise and that makes me even madder for some reason. "No shit I have a key. I live here. Remember? I didn't leave like you and dad both did. Besides, you always fucked everything up anyways." The keys shake in my hand and I can't seem to get the door to unlock. All I want to do is get inside the damn house, go to my room and sleep in my own bed. That's all I want right now.

Finally the door opens. Good. Something else worked today. I walk into the house. It's cold and unwelcoming to me. I want to leave. Try to escape, but I can't. I start for my room.

"Do you need any help getting up to your room?" he asks.

"I can do it myself."

Ignoring him, I trudge up the cold, hard, wooden stairs.

"I'm gonna to go get pizza or something for us. Pack up some of your shit so we can leave," Christian yells up the stairs.

"Fuck you I'm not leaving!"

I turn around and notice that my door is wide open. "What the fuck?" My whole room is…clean. Who cleaned my fucking room? Christian hates cleaning…why? Maybe he's just trying to help. No, Christian doesn't help. He just fucks with people's heads and makes things worse than they already are. That's what Christian does.

Not bothering to turn the lights on, I flop down onto my bed and breath in. It smells like me…and…me…no one else. Just like it always does. I slide off and walk over to the body-length mirror hanging on the back of the door, pulling off my shirt. I look like hell. Bruises cover my sides and a long, black and blue band sticks out against my pale skin. Well…at least the seatbelts worked.

I shudder and pull my shirt back on, dropping to the floor. Rage starts to fill my every thought. The driver took her from me. He stole my mom from me. My mom is gone forever because of this.

Tears burn my eyes but I hear Christian opening the door. Want some food kid?

"No, don't call me kid."

He sighs and sets a can of Mt. Dew on my dresser. "Come on, you need to eat something dude."

"I'm not hungry." I get off the floor and grab my keys again. "I'm leaving."

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