Hello. This is my first story I've ever written. Everything in here is true, it happened to me recently. Of course the names of the characters have been changed to protect their privacy. But everything in here is true, some of the events were put closer together. Because we all know that boys don't act that fast on their feelings in real life. Anyways, I'm the main character "Charlene", and I managed to fix my love problem and decided to share it with Fictionpress readers. Please give reviews and excuse any grammar errors, didn't have time to proofread. Thanks:)

Sitting in photo class listening to her teacher Mr. Mlynowski explaining their latest photo project, was such a drag to seventeen year old Charlene Maro. She couldn't help but start thinking about the two guys that she hasn't been able to get her minds off of. Byron and Luke, which happen to be long time friends.

She's known Bryon since freshmen year when they had English together. Thats also when her crush on him began, thus Charlene has liked him for about 4 years. However, during their freshmen year, her good friend Lena became Byron's girlfriend. Lena knew that Charlene liked Bryon, yet she still got with him. And what hurt Charlene was that her friend still got with the guy when she knew Charlene liked him, and not only that, she also had to hear about their relationship from other people.

Now, Charlene didn't start to know Luke till their senior year, where we coincidentally have photo together and work together UCC (Unified Christian Church). Luke was renown for his relationships that never work out. And there was much scandals about his crushes on much younger girls. Like one about Luke having a secret internet relationship with his friend Colin's younger sister. However, when Colin learned of Luke's betrayal, they were no longer friends. Which is kinda awkward since Colin works with Luke and I at UCC.

Charlene's best friend Diana tapped her shoulder, looking at her and saying "Charlene? Are you ok? Mr. Mlynowski said we can go to the darkroom to start processing now."

Blinking and remembering that I've been narrating the past few minutes of my own life in my head, I quickly responded, "Oh. Sorry. Kinda spaced out while he was talking. Let's go get our stuff then."

While I got my things together, I noticed Luke walking our way. Diana noticed too. Before I could drag her to the darkroom, she had already opened her mouth. "So, Luke are you planning to go to the winter formal?"

Luke blushes and suddenly seems nervous, responding, "I don't know yet."

"Are you planning on asking anyone?" she asks.

"You guys don't know her."

One of Luke's friends call Luke to go with them to the darkroom as he excuses him and escapes rather quickly from Diana.

Diana suddenly turns to me and says, "Aww. I'm so sorry." And hugs me.

Laughing and shaking my head. Sometimes, I regret telling her that I liked Luke and Bryon. I reassuring tell her "I'm fine. Besides I already knew he liked someone."

Gasping, Diana hits me on the arm. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, I didn't think it mattered. Besides, it seems like he loves her, or thats what he said after sending me a picture of her a few days ago online."

"What?! That bastard! How dare he flaunt that girl in front of you?" she exclaims madly.

Laughing again, I try to calm her down so she doesn't make a scene. "Its not like he knows that I like him. So he isn't really flaunting. Now come on we only have 10 minutes left in photo till its lunch. We better get a move on it, or we will never finish our work."

"Shit! I forgot we only got till next Wednesday before the assignment is finished. Want to stay in during lunch so we can work a little longer?" Diana asks as she starts to walk toward the darkroom.

"Sure," I said while I followed behind her into the darkroom.

Halfway through lunch, I finished printing out all my photos. "Hey Diana, I'm gonna go put these photos in the dryer, be back in awhile."

Hearing no response, I turn to look at her and see her bobbing her head to her Ipod. Shaking my head, I exit the darkroom and see Raymond. Raymond has been Diana's boyfriend for the past few months.

When Raymond spotted me, he asked "Have you seen my girlfriend?"

Nodding I point to the darkroom.

After a minute or so, my prints were dry so I put it at my desk. And I went back into the darkroom to tell Diana that I was leaving since she had Raymond to keep her company now.

But when I entered the darkroom, who do I see talking to Raymond but Bryon. Who happen to be friends with each other, as well with Luke. When I heard the mention of my name, I froze and couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"You should ask her to winter formal, man," Raymond told Bryon.

"I don't know..." Bryon said looking at the floor.

Not wanting to hear anymore of this pity invitation to winter formal that was being put force by Raymond, I stepped into their views and said hi.

The two guys jumped at my voice and sudden appearance. Scratching their heads and avoiding eye contact with me.

Ignoring their sudden quietness but taking in their change in behavior, I walk between Bryon and Raymond towards Diana. Who still had her earphones in her ears blasting with music. Removing one of the earphones, I tell her that I'm finished and off to lunch. I put the earphone back into place, then leave the darkroom without saying my goodbyes to the two guys who were still in shock.

The bell rang indicating that fifth period was over. Thank god, I didn't have a sixth anymore. Gathering my things I quickly left my psychology AP class which was the only class that I had with Bryon this year. Before I even got to turn the corner of the building, Bryon had caught up with me.

"Whats the rush for?" Bryon questions me while he shifted his backpack into a more comfortable position.

Trying not to think about what I overheard in the darkroom during lunch and planning to kill Raymond the next time I saw him. I calmly said, "No rush. Just want to get home, I guess. And why are you walking this way with me? Isn't your sixth period computer class not in this direction?" I also pointed to the building that Bryon's computer class was in for my emphasis.

"Yea, I know. I wanted to ask you something," blushingly and quietly mumbling to the floor.

Tilting my head in a questioning matter and looking at Bryon who seemed somewhat nervous. I couldn't help but wonder if this had to do anything with Raymond's conversation with him earlier that day. Laughing to myself in my head, I thought that's impossible. Bryon wouldn't do something just cause his friend told him to.

Bryon pulled me aside to where there was no students milling to their next classes or hurrying home, which happened to be there the trees by the music building. Bryon then looked so seriously at me that I thought something was wrong.

Before I could ask if something was bothering me, Bryon had already started speaking.

"So you planning on going to the winter formal dance?"

"I don't know. Maybe if I got asked," I truthfully answered.

"I see. Um...I was wondering, do you want to go to winter formal with me?"

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