I whispered rose petals
And I sang stars to life
I carved out hiding places in stone
And paved roads before you

My life seems but a lingering melody
Of what once was given
What shines so bright
In your deep brown eyes

Oceans of blood behind us
Rivers of pain, bubbling with anger
Great mountains of sorrow and pain
Tearing thunder clouds of agony
Lighting, fear, flashes and is gone
Echoing anger rolls across plains of remorse
Even as we part they haunt us

Gleaming, shimmering moments
Moonlight reflected off of still trembling waters
The soft caressing whisper of the wind
As it ran lightly across your face
Laughter rings like chimes
And light dances across melodious memories
Of the joy that we shared
Moments we lived
Time we encapsulated in temporal, elegant splendor
The briefness of life's joy
Dances like a lunar moth in my mind's eye

All these things I gave to you
All these things you gave to me

Half my pain was yours
Half your pain was mine

Your tears and my blood commingled
My mistakes begot yours
Yours echoed mine
All came to pass like mirror images
Mirrors reflecting mirrors
Our faces above them, hovering
Gazing down upon all of this

What happens when we reach through the mirrors?
When they decay into blackness?
When this world we created is swept away by the sandstorm of time?

Will we see our hands reaching through those silvery pools of reflection?
Will there be light?
Will there be peace?
Will there be?