Chapter One

"But mum…" Moaned Eternity, her dark blue eyes stretched in plea. She desperately needed her mother to understand, even though she didn't know if it was in her capability to.

The blond vampiress turned her eyes on her youngest daughter and sighed. Eternity knew how to use her pretty eyes to her advantage, she could make herself appear so innocent and sweet and it was effective tool when trying to convince her vampire parents not to do something.

"Don't worry baby, we will be fine," her mother reassured her, "It's just a gathering of vampires, nothing to be concerned about."

"But why can't you just stay here? With us? Casey obviously doesn't want you to go he's upstairs crying in his room now," Eternity ranted, stressed by the situation, "And Lana won't even listen to me."

"Lana has only been a vampire for a year and she hasn't had a chance to mingle with other vampires yet," her mother said firmly, "She been looking forwards to this and your not going to ruin it for her."

Eternity slumped forwards on the kitchen table, burying her face into her arms and wept. She loved her parents, she loved her sister, despite everything they had put her through but she hated all the vampire stuff. She loathed the constant killings, the murders they had to hide, the fact that if anybody ever discovered what her parents and sister truly were than her life would be over forever.

"But what about me and Casey?"

"You're not vampires," her mother said sternly, "You had your choice and you made it."

That was right, she had been given the choice to join the ranks of the undead and she had refused it immediately. Her sister had accepted on her eighteen birthday and Casey was still too young to understand what being a vampire meant but Eternity understood. She knew that she couldn't drink blood, that she couldn't kill, that she couldn't do what her family did every day and take satisfaction in it. She wasn't like them, she was alive, she was what they preyed on, what they killed and saw as the lesser being, the weaker species and yet when her parents had been transformed they had retained enough of themselves, enough compassion not to murder their own children.

But her mother had murdered one. She had made Lana into a vampire. She had killed her own daughter, a girl that had once been part of her flesh and blood, the human that had come from the body of their mother that the demon inhabited now. But it had been Lana's choice.

"Are you ready?" called her father's deep voice as he strode into the room.

Eternity glanced up. Thorn was tall and menacing looking, with handsome features and cold, soulless black eyes that held nothing of the man he had been. He wasn't as merciful as their mother, given the chance Eternity thought he might have turned his children despite their opinions, or even killed them, but his wife kept him in check. Still, even she slipped into the harsh vampiric ways of her kind, even when dealing with her children.

"What's up with her?" Thorn demanded, his lips curling at the sight of his human daughter showing weakness. He hated weakness in all forms, even in the eyes of a creature that he could crush and kill with a single blow. He didn't even need his fangs to dispose of her.

"She doesn't want us to go," her mother said with an impatient sigh, "And neither does Casey."

Eternity could sense when her parents were getting pissed off and she didn't like it when they did, especially when the fury was directed at her and her human little brother. She didn't know what they might resort to, to silence the spawn of the bodies they now controlled.

"I've told you Rose, we are going and that's the end of it," Thorn snapped and then he glowered at Eternity, "I don't care what the humans say."

Eternity's heart plummeted. She looked into the harsh, pitiless eyes of the vampire and thought of the man he had been six years ago, the kind, caring man who would have done anything for the thirteen year old Lana, nine year old Eternity and baby Casey. There was hardly any of him left in there now and Eternity constantly wondered if he cared for his human children at all. She knew that he loved and approved of Lana, but that was because she was strong and similar to him in to many ways.

"Are we going yet?" Lana demanded, storming into the kitchen.

She was clothed in a stunning red dress and sparkling heels. Her long black hair, almost identical to Eternity's, was pulled up in a high ponytail that revealed her beautiful face and her dark blue eyes. With looks it was obvious that she was Eternity's sister, but personality wise they were completely different, considering they had been raised by the same people.

No, Eternity corrected herself, the people they had been raised by had died and changed half way through.

"How do I look?" Lana asked, beaming. She knew that she looked good but the thrived on praise.

"Amazing, darling," Rose said, giving her vampire daughter a kiss on the cheek.

The bond between Lana and Rose was stronger than it could ever be between Eternity and Rose. Although the vampiress's body had given birth to both girls when it was human it was her vampiric blood that had given Lana new life. Lana was her true daughter and she was the favourite because of that.

"Let's go then," Thorne said.

He grabbed his keys while Rose picked up her handbag and cigarettes. She stroked Eternity's hair as she walked past but Eternity was much to depressed to respond. Lana gave her a wicked smile, showing some fang before following her mother into the hallway.

"Watch Casey," Thorne said dauntingly, glaring at Eternity. She nodded miserably and returned to the comfort of resting her head in her folded arms on the kitchen table.

Eternity heard the sound of the front door opening and closing and then Lana's laughter. There was the rumble of a car motor and then the sound as it back out of the drive and sped off down the street.

Eternity roused herself and climbed the stairs dejectedly, knocking on her brother's bedroom door. There was no reply. She pushed it open; not exactly wanting to invade his privacy but to check it he was still upset. If he felt anything like Eternity did then he would be.

The room was dark but she could see a shape huddled up under the bed covers, shaking as it sobbed. Eternity's heart swelled at the sight of her small brother in such misery and she crept over to him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

Casey jumped and leapt up, his eyes wide, almost as if he was afraid that she was going to strike him. Eternity saw why when he turned his face and she saw his cheek, the large purple bruise that was forming across his cheekbone and down to his jaw. Sudden hot tears filled her eyes and she gathered her little brother in her arms and cradled him. He cried as he clung to her, his body shaking with short breaths as he tried to stop himself breaking down.

"He hit me," Casey gasped, "I said I hated him and he punched me."

"Shhh," Eternity whispered comfortingly, "You shouldn't have said it Casey. You know there are things we can't say."

"I never want to be a vampire," Casey said furiously, "I hate him, I really do, and when I grow up I'm going to be a vampire hunter."

Eternity released her brother and held him back so that she could observe him. There was honesty glinting in his green eyes and determination. He had spoken true; he had spoken what he believed.

"That's one of the things we can't say," Eternity said mildly, "What about mum? And Lana? They're not as bad."

"Bad enough," Casey said with a snort, "If we weren't their family they would have killed us long ago."

"I know that," sobbed Eternity, hugging her brother again, "I know that. But they are still our parents, somewhere underneath the vampire they are still our parents."

"Our parents died, Eternity. They died on that day six years ago when they were turned," Casey said bitterly.

"Then think of them as our adoptive parents," she said quietly, "Either way they are all we have. Without them we are nothing. We would have nothing. If they hadn't kept us we would have been in a horrible foster home or living on the streets. We have to at least be grateful for that."

"It still hurts though," Casey said despairingly, his fingering brushing his bruise.

"I know," Eternity said softly, pulling the sleeve at her shoulder and revealing the blood incisions made by their father's sharp nails, "Believe me I know."

Eternity made her brother some hot milk and toast. He ate it on the settee while they watched a Lee Evans DVD, occasionally giggling at the jokes, the only release they had from being the human children of vicious vampires. Casey was drifting off to sleep so Eternity nudged up and led him up to his bedroom. When Casey had settled Eternity went to her bedroom and changed for bed, wishing once again that the vampires had never targeted her parents and ruined her life.

It was past midnight when sleep eventually came and swept her away into darkness.