Chapter Four

Eternity swirled in front of the full length mirror, admiring the skirt and purple blouse. She had gone for come chaste and discreet, refraining from wearing a necklace as not to draw any attention to her neck and her throat.

Lana was looming behind Eternity, glaring at her little sister. Being turned into a vampire had come with a price and for Lana it was a high one. It meant that she was unable to look at herself in mirrors and she had to rely on others to get a reflection of how she looked.

Her red summer dress flaunted her womanly curves but Lana would never grow a day older. She would never have children, she would never suffer from human disease, she would be young and beautiful and live forever unless someone decided to pound a wooden stake into her un-beating heart. Then she wouldn't be undead, she would just be dead.

Eternity should have felt much better about attending the party now that she had the word of protection fro her father. In some ways she did. In some ways she didn't. She was touched that he cared so much for her, after years of near enough neglect and abhorrence to her humanness, but she was also alarmed by his sudden change in attitude towards her and Casey. It was unfortunate that they didn't know any other humans with vampire family to confine in.

There was a time when she would have talked about her concerns with her sister, but Lana had never shared her fears of vampirism. She had begged Rose to change her but she had refused until she thought that Lana was ready. Now Lana was a different creature, she was still sister to the humans, but she ran with a different crowd now. She had friends that Eternity could never meet.

"How do I look?" Lana asked, pouting. Eternity knew how much she missed having a reflection.

"You look great as always," Eternity said honestly.

"So do you," Lana said stiffly, with a nod at her, "It's a shame there won't be any lads there for you."

"Yeah," Eternity said distantly, neatening her long black hair and applying lipstick.

"Why don't you want to be a vampire?" Lana asked curiously, almost as if Eternity was insane for not wanting to be a blood sucking life snatcher.

"I like being a human," Eternity said dully, "Is that so wrong?"

"No," Lana said quietly, "I guess not. But as a vampire you'd be stronger. You're weak, Eternity. You let people walk all over you. You let us bully you."

Eternity turned to her sister and pressed her lips together.

"Well I think that's due to the fact you could kill me with one blow or tear my throat out with your teeth."

"If anyone tried to do that to you I'd kill them," Snarled Lana, her eyes glimmering red and her lips curving upwards to display her fangs.

"That's not what you said last week," Eternity said sadly, "Last week you were all for killing me."

"I wasn't being serious, and I was drunkā€¦"

"On some level you were serious. You're right. You could kill me, right here, right now and I wouldn't be able to stop you," Eternity said, her eyes blurring with tears.

Lana opened her mouth to reply when Rose called from downstairs.

"Kids! Are you ready to go?"

"We're coming," Lana shouted and then she turned her dark blue eyes on Eternity, "Be careful tonight."

"Oh believe me I will," Eternity said with a laugh.

Casey, Rose and Thorn were waiting for the girls downstairs in the hallway. Rose was wearing a black dress, Thorn was clothed casually in trousers and a black shirt and Casey was dressed smartly in jeans and a white shirt, his dark blond hair damp and but tidy. His green eyes were wide as he looked upon Eternity. There were sure to be other humans at the party-but they would be the only two not being used for appetisers.

"You two had better behave tonight," warned Thorn. Eternity knew instantly which two he meant, as if humans were the troublesome ones and Lana was an angel. Eternity knew that she was far from it.

They drove in silence. Eternity didn't even bother to ask where the gathering was being held. Humans weren't supposed to know much of vampire life. Eternity and Casey probably knew enough to be killed by the council. They knew too much by even knowing there was a council to be judged by. Eternity wondered if anybody would realise that at the party and report them to the authorities. Her father could say that nobody would hurt them as much as he liked but he would be overruled by the council.

The car came to a halt outside a house and climbed out of the car. A large mansion sat across from them, a sprawling lawn separating them from it. The house was lit up with life even though most of the people inside were dead. The sound of music and talking came from the house and if a passer by were to notice then it would seem like any ordinary celebration.

It wasn't.

Eternity opened the door, let Casey shimmy out, and then slammed it behind her, her eyes still fixated on the house. It wasn't some creepy rundown mansion with clinging cobwebs that sways in the breeze and floorboard that moaned like lingering spirits, but the fear she felt in her heart it might have well have been.

"Are you coming?"

Thorn's annoyed voice knocked her out of her trance. She shook herself, took Casey's hand, and followed the vampires up to the house.