Moaning on the shore

Everything started on a warm Friday evening on the Kahlua beach school was over, dinner was eaten and in the process of being digested i was just walking following the water line an enjoying the sunset then it happened... the wind was carrying a sound a could not ignore, moanings. Not of lovers enjoying themselves too much on the beach... that was common and I learned a long time ago to ignore the moaner and change my path... no those were the faint whisper of a man in pain

I listened carefully trusting my ears following the path lead by the sad melody carried by the sea's wind nothing more than a whisper in the breeze but it was still there and I could not ignore an injured person be it a beggar or a king. The wind lead me trough a thin path between the rock at the bottom of the cliff I knew the place very well... as a child I used to hide in the many caves hidden from my parent's sight and imagine all kind of stories whit fairy's and unicorns, abducted by dark knights and wizards I always ended in the arm of a blue eyed princes in a beautiful grown of silk and gold. Those caves however were dangerous. When I was 9 years old I was almost caught by the rising water inside one of them... nearly drowned. Never again did I returned in one of them, they scared me... this was actually the first time in many years I dared to approach the ground where my deepest fear slept...

I was sure now the voice came from behind a huge rock on the shore... it was showered by saltwater every now and then by the waves. Who knew in what condition the person was in...? Time was important in those kind of situation so I entered the water fully clothed trying to forget the cold water. When I finally saw the man he was clinging to the rock bleeding from quite a few open wound surely caused by the sharp rock... still half inside the water strangely it did not seems like he was trying to get out on the water... he looked more like a man who knew he would not get help and accepted his fate... witch was ridiculous since the area was not so remote as to be empty of tourist and town's people.

Actually on first sight I spotted the very long hair and thought it was a woman... however the breathless chest stated clearly that he was a male... a rather handsome male if I may say so... but the blood didn't help I find bloody people in pain kind of... unsexy.. The need to help being far more important than the need to mate an unknown man.

-Why... you could hurl scream for help or cry but you're trying to stay silent cursing every moaning... are you suicidal or just crazy?

Only then did he notice me... cursing in some foreign language he tried to get away but unfortunately for him his current condition prevented him from moving very far... fuck he was crazy... did he not want to be helped when he was bleeding to death... clearly I decided he was the suicidal type of guy. He was now trying to get in the water... unsuccessfully since I was holding his left arm...

-No fucking way I am not letting you drown yourself ... your coming home whit me where I can heal you stupid if you want to die it's not going to be today.

I started to pull him out of the water rather forcefully... he obviously didn't feel like coming to my house for coffee and medicinal help... I discovered fast enough the reason why he didn't want to come... I have to say he had a good reason for wanting to stay at the bottom of the cliff... his legs were missing... not cut bleeding or amputated... he didn't have any... instead he had a... tail... of all the man's on this planet I had to help a freaking merman... I was shocked... it took a while for me to start breathing again I will admit since I was staring at this huge blue scaly fishy mermaid tail attached to this guy.

Took me a few moment but I decided being a legendary being or a human he still qualified for medicinal help whether he had legs or a tail... I knew he couldn't move so I pulled him on the sand and came back whit my brand new car I got last month for my birthday well... it was kind of old... whit some rush and the faded blue color was kind of ugly but who care when it's your first car you always feel like you have an awesome ride... he fainted meanwhile ... cool whit me… it was much more easier to load the guy in the back of my car if he was not struggling.

I was now quite happy the moon was rising... darkness would help me... I don't think I would go unnoticed with a fish man on the back of my car... I would have to carry him in the house luckily the neighbor were old and went to bed quite early or watched TV. Never caring about what was happening outside if the sun wasn't out. Half an hour later my car was full of blood, sand, and scales thanks to the ungrateful bloodied fish man and the said fish man was on my bed... I was wise enough to put a plastic sheet over the mattress I did not want my bed to end up like my car... fuck it looked like someone had been murderer on the back seat of my Honda ... I was quite sure the men working at the local garage would look at me like some mad woman hiding a knife in her purse when I would ask him to clean my car.

It didn't take long for me to find some bandage... a thin needle ans surgical tread to close his wounds... I lived in a remote place the nearest hospital was far so most people living in the area me included had the necessary stuff to take care of small or medium wound... who would want to ride a car for 3 hour just to take care of an open cut. Blessed was the unconscious man he didn't feel anything while I closed the various bleeding gash on his body... some of them at place i would never dare to touch if he wasn't bleeding so much. At the end he pretty much looked like some Egyptian mummy. I even combed his hair and took the trouble of putting a wet towel over his tail... he better be grateful when he's going to wake up. My parents were gone for a few day on a romantic getaway and they would definitely kill me if they found out what happened to my car... they would probably torture me to if the merman ruined the house. I fell asleep on a chair watching over my strange guests.

The Sun was blinding me... dam I hate morning whit a passion... and my neck hurt why did I felt asleep on a chair anyway still half asleep I looked at the time... and I saw someone in my bed someone looking at me the way I would probably look at an alien. Yea, human were definitely strange creature... at least he didn't look mad... just confused... I knew he probably didn't speak English but it was evident he did not understand why I bought him inside my house. Funny how he looked at everything inside my room although completely understandable since it was surely the first time he ventured inside a human home.

-Ok you don't understand what I say but I'm going to go get a new wet towel for your tail the other one is surely almost dry by now.

I left the room whit these word... returning whit a towel so wet I had a trail of water on the floor from the bathroom going all the way to my bedroom. The dry towel was starting to stick to the scabs so I took it away very slowly... as soon as the new wet towel was on him he sighted whit relief... the way someone sight when scratching a very itchy spot or massaging a painful back... it felt good... strange how faith brought together a man of the sea ans a woman who was scared of deep water... never going in a pool in the water went higher then my breast, It was quite hilarious to me.

I believe he understood I did not mean him harm before I woke up don't ask me why please I'm not a psychic... it took me almost an hour to change the bandage... its really amazing how fast he healed... the scabs were already forming... no doubt he was healing a lot faster then the average human... I even had a great idea to get him wet... when my great grandfather died we stored his wheelchair in the basement... I could use it to bring him in the bath and shower him whit cold water. A few minute later I showed him that I wanted to sit him on the chair... I don't think he liked the idea looking at the strange contraption however after half an hour I managed to get him on the wheelchair... I rolled him to the bathroom while he tried to look at the house... yea human are strange creature I get it but not this weird... I wonder where the sea people lived... underwater cave I guess... I will never know.

He clearly did not want to get in the bath but it was way faster to get him inside the bath then inside the chair... I turned the water on to show him I wanted to get him wet... he understood and almost jumped in the bath faster than my cat would jump out of it. Nearly knocked me out in the process whit his tail to... do you even know how much is hurt to be slapped in the face whit a huge fin... he didn't mean it im sure but it's still painful.

While he enjoyed the delight of human shower I took the time to look at him properly... he you can't blame me it's probably the first and last time I will get to look at a men in the shower before I get wed... his hair were so very long... I was jealous... at first I thought it was black but it was a very dark shade of blue... midnight blue... that's how I would call it... he was not a man yet.. Not really but almost... I don't know how mermaid age... he lived outside so it's not surprising that he was tanned very cute guy... he had a few crystal looking ornament in his hair but it didn't looked girlish on him... neither was the matching necklace... I could not describe the material used to make it through its not crafted metal it's just... something else... whit crystal in the middle... pretty and yet not girlish at all.

Shame on me... im there staring at some injured men the poor guy probably didn't eat anything since yesterday... witch leave me whit a problem... I am not an expert on mythological being food preference... and I believe Mc-Donald are not the latest trend in diet under the ocean I guess he's going to get fruit and cheeses I do not trust myself near a stove I don't feel like putting the kitchen on fire again I already have quite a reputation as a pyromaniac in the family. You know it's a bad thing when the fire fighter know your phone number and address by heart... I am not proud of this... not at all... fate decided I would have no kitchen skill so I survive on fruit cheese and when I'm feeling adventurous I use the microwave. If I'm lucky, one of my friends will pity me and invite me for dinner.

The way he ate the fruit and cheese kind of remembered me of the first time I ate sushi at the local Japanese restaurant... he loved the fruit... bananas, papayas, water melon, strawberry and blueberries however he almost choked on the blue cheese... understandable since I hate it to... he seemed to liked the other cheese only the blue cheese had been labeled as an evil food... I noticed some of the bandage were stating to fall while he ate... it really was amazing... the scabs were falling already I almost chocked on my apple when i saw clear unscared skin underneath the bandages where yesterday there was a bloody wound.

-I will bring you back to the ocean tonight.

He looked at me... maybe he understood the meaning of my word... or maybe not I will never know but im happy my path crossed his life even in such a bad situation... of the many fairy tale I used to read and love.. Among all the wizard and knight and blue eyed prince on a unicorn there never was a merman in those stories. Beautiful mermaid signing a song to their beloved sea ugly pirates and so many elf's but never a merman. If I ever have children later ill make sure there is a merman in their bed time stories... a handsome merman whit blue eyes who love fruit and hate blue cheese that will be my way to remember him since I can't tell the world about a real living merman.

Later that night after hour showing him around the house in a wheelchair, letting him discover the wonder of television showers and popcorn I drove to the Kahlua beach whit a now healed merman... making sure there was nobody skinny dipping or moaning behind a bush I took him to the ocean... he went away coming back after a minute to give me one of the crystal looking ornament in his hair.. Then he swam away while I looked at the horizon...

this would be my last time on the Kahlua beach a few week later I graduated I was sent to spend the summer whit my cousin in Canada... my parent loved me they thought living on the campus would benefit my studies so I passed the next years in another state attending college and later university only coming back for Christmas and a few occasional visit witch I spend far from the beach... by then I convinced myself the merman was nothing but a teenage fantasy... that the hair ornament witch I was always wearing was found on the beach.. Mermaids did not exist... they are but a child story... how is it possible for such a thing to exist... I never saw the ocean again... I never went on the beach for a walk... never again did a heard moaning on the beach and laughed at the teenager caught skinny dipping or took the time to look at the crabs walking on the sand picking up shell on the shore.

I lived my life like most girl... had my heart broken a few time, got friends, a job... discovered sex... I even had a steady boyfriend now since last year even if things weren't perfect between us we managed to live without having to many fight. I was happy I guess but honestly my life was lacking the magic spice that makes everything shine... the grass was green and the sky was still blue but those color looked faded... sometime I was wondering if the same thing happened to everyone who reached adulthood or if it was just me...maybe I missed it... yes... maybe I missed the Kahlua beach.

It took a long time before I went back to Kahlua... I had a big fight whit my boyfriend... big enough that I decided to move back to my home town and rent a small apartment since I didn't want to bother my parents... truth is they were so happy i was engaged whit Jacob I didn't want to tell them I might leave him... so I rented an apartment without even telling them I was back in Kahlua.

It was on this fateful day that I went back on the beach... I walked looking at the sunset... thinking about Jacob and our fight... he was barely there anymore... always working or going out... I barely saw him anymore... and when he was home he just went to bed without a single kiss without looking at me... I was living whit a ghost... when I confronted him about it he say that I was selfish to want him all the time that he needed to have personal time... was I selfish... I don't know... but I told him I needed some time to think... maybe I wasn't the one for him if he thought kissing me once in a while was to much of a bother... if he had time to go out every night but never a moment to hug me or talk to me... so I was there walking on the beach thinking about Jacob watching the sunset while the moon was slowly rising at the horizon blessed whit glorious silver light... was it a sign? I don't know but on this moment I remembered...

I looked at the sky and remembered how the grass used to be greener... how the color used to be glowing when I was younger... I wanted to see them again the way I used to... what was different... what changed to make me see life whit dull colors... to many brown and grays.. Were the color really faded or did I just let myself see them this way. For a moment I saw something at the horizon... the sea glowed whit a full scale of red, orange, yellow and pink... yes... I needed to remember that... somehow I knew it was time for a change in my life.