He came to me in the night.

His eyes flashed neon blue,

And I stared into them, seeing furor.

He motioned for me to be silent,

Then he stood before me and took my hands in his.

"Each nail is for every lie you've told" he said,

And he callously tore each nail from my fingers.

I did not scream in pain.


He ran his fingers through my hair.

"Each hair is for every person you've humiliated with an insult."

He ruthlessly ripped every hair from my head.

I did not cry out in agony.


He gently caressed my face.

"Each layer of skin is for every sin you've committed."

He dug his nails into my cheeks and pulled out hunks of flesh.

I did not yelp in torment.


He held me softly by the shoulders.

"Each cut is for every time you've allowed your heart to be broken."

He threw me onto broken glass he'd smashed on the floor.

I did not whimper in fear.


My hands were torn

My hair was ripped from my skull

My face was in pieces

My body was gashed.

Lacerated and bleeding out my every mistake,

I broke my silence

And demanded to know why he was punishing me for them.

And as I woke to a neon blue flash,

I heard him call after me;

"You asked me to."