"Uno" Charlotte Watson placed down her second last card.

"No!" Fionna cried out with fake emotion. "You'll beat me again…must use a trick"

Charlotte laughed at her friend as she suffered trying to figure out a way to stop her from winning. She didn't have a trick in her hand. Charlotte knew this.

"Just give up Fionna" Jillian said having a seat. "Besides, you're friend Kayleigh is here"

Fionna dropped down a card so that Charlotte could play the winning card. As their game finished the Thomas Family joined their espionage. Among the Thomas family was Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Thomas, their son Shane and their daughter Kayleigh. Kayleigh was Fionna's age of ten and Shane was a year younger than Charlotte. They had gone to school together but she was starting high school in the fall.

"Hey Fionna" Kayleigh called running over.

In her hand Kayleigh held a hat. It was her brother' s and she was running from him because she didn't want to give it back. It was always a hoot to steal his hat and run away with it.

"Wanna help me?" Kayleigh asked.

"Sure" Fionna agreed and took off with her friend when they saw Shane coming.

Mr. And Mrs. Thomas sat down on the blanket with Carol, Fionna and Jillian's mom. Carol was cheering Fionna and Kayleigh on about the hat thing. Shane was shouting at them about it not being fair that Kayleigh had help.

"Charlotte!" Fionna tossed the hat at her.

Charlotte was hit in the face with his hat. She was startled by the action and almost lost the hat to Shane but she moved just in the nick of time.

"Fionna, I haven't played this game in years" Charlotte called out trying to get rid of the hat.

"Just run, don't let him get the hat"

"Aren't you too old for this game?" Shane asked chasing after her.

"Yes" Charlotte tossed the hat to Kayleigh.

"Come on girls" Shane called out; he was running out of air to chase them.

"Come get it" Fionna waved his hat.

Shane rolled his eyes and ran at Fionna. He was hoping this would be the final time but she got away tossing his hat back to Kayleigh who threw it to Charlotte. Charlotte stood still. Her eyes met Shane's.

"Charlotte please" Shane begged.

She put the hat on her head sideways. "I dunno…I look pretty hot in this"

Shane rolled his eyes again and charged at Charlotte while she was posing. He made a grab for the hat on her head but she ducked and ran. He was right on her tail reaching for his hat but managed to trip knocking them both to the ground and landing on top of her.

"Well…this isn't at all uncomfortable" Charlotte stated. "Serious, if you wanted to get on top of me you just had to ask"

"Can I have my hat please?" Shane asked her reaching for it.

She let him take his hat and he put it on his head. He then stood and helped her off the ground. Her blue overalls were grass stained on the butt and her light brown curls were tangled even more.

"I'm Shane"

"I think we're beyond introductions" Charlotte replied. "But I'm Charlotte"

"I gathered" he looked her. "Are you all right? I didn't hurt you or anything did I?"

"Please…I beat up the boys all the time" she laughed.

They walked back to the family at the blanket and Kayleigh pouted that he had won. She winked at her letting her know a secret through silent conversation. Carol introduced Charlotte to Shane's parents when they finished their war. They were very pleased to inform Carol that Charlotte was a helper with Kayleigh's gymnastics class so they already knew her.

"Gymnastics?" Shane looked at her. "So you're the all around good girl…figures"

"What's the problem?" Charlotte shot back.


"Sure. Excuse me" Charlotte stood and walked away from the group.

Shane found he was forced to follow by his parents.

"Did I offend you?"

"Nope. I just don't like being judged"

"I wasn't judging"

"You were too!"

"Fuck girl, we've only known each other for ten minutes and we're fighting" Shane said desperately.

"I'm sorry if being a good citizen doesn't sit with you kindly" Charlotte refrained from blowing up. "But it's not like they we're trying to set us up or anything. You're not being forced to talk to me or follow me"

"I'm sorry. I was rude and shouldn't have judged"

Charlotte looked at him curiously. "That was fast. Almost too fast, but I'm sorry too. I was also rude"

"Let's just go do what we came here to do" Shane said walking back.

Charlotte followed and when they arrived back at the blanket took a seat. Well, she lay down on the blanket and used her elbows to arch herself up to see the fireworks. Fionna and Kayleigh were sitting crossed legged near Kayleigh's parents. Jillian was laying flat on her back and Shane had sat down with his knees to his chest.

"I never saw the point in watching fireworks" Shane began. "If you've seen them once, you've seen all the different kinds of fireworks"

"Shut up and enjoy them," Charlotte snapped.

Shane sighed. He really didn't feel like watching Fireworks tonight. He had when they first arrived but now his mind was too distracted with the snapdragon lying beside him. It wasn't that he found her attractive. She had lovely hair and could be hot if she worked at it but she didn't seem to take an interest in her appearance. She wore old overalls and a horizontal striped blue tee. Her hair was messy from being windblown and she didn't wear make up which made so many girls more appealing. She wore glasses to. He wasn't fussy about glasses. In fact, he hated them on anyone. And she was a little overweight, but he could look passed that too. She had an enjoyable personality.

He didn't think he'd forget the night he met Charlotte Watson either. She'd remain in his memory and life for at least the next five years. He even knew when he relayed this evening to his friend Evan the next morning; he'd get a funny look. Evan knew Charlotte. Shane had figured that out because Evan had said that the assistant coach for Kayleigh's gymnastics was one of the girls he did gymnastics with as a kid. While Shane's mind wandered, so did his hand, right into Charlotte's where it stayed all night only noticed by Kayleigh.