Charlotte sat at a table waiting. She wanted to just go out and be waited on by her favourite employees at her favourite restaurant. Of course, she was prejudice since she worked there.

"Do you know what you'd like Ma'am?" her waitress asked.

"Yes, I'll have your Classic Cheeseburger with the fries poutinize and I think a diet pepsi with that as well"

"Anything else Miss.?"

"Yes…I'd also like a few of those ball things"


"No, that makes me sick. The balls with the peanut butter and chocolate I'll also have some potato skins and garlic bread"

"Will that be everything?"

"I'm not sure, just give me a second…oh! The chicken noodle soup with the bun and the steak and potato meal with the vegetables, but no onions"

"Anything else?"

"Umm…Charlotte looked around. Oh! Can I have some of him as an appetizer?" Charlotte asked.

The young waitress looked over to where Charlotte was pointing. "I think he's married."

"She won't mind. Tell him to come over and dance for me"

"Ok…" the waitress went over and told the waiter.

"A girl wants me to go dance for her?" he questioned.

"Yes, the girl sitting over there. I told her you were married though, she said she wouldn't mind"

He followed her finger and smiled. "She is pretty cute, I guess I could go dance for her"

The waitress gave him a look of pure shock. "You'd cheat?"

"She won't mind" he walked over.

At Charlotte's table he stopped and did a little jig. She laughed and clapped her hands.

"Dance monkey dance" she laughed. "You're a terrible dancer"

He nodded and pulled her to her feet. "But you love me like you love chocolate ice cream"

"Well…I dunno about that Mr. Thomas"

"I think you do Mrs. Thomas, otherwise you wouldn't have married me" he kissed her.

"You could me mistaken. I could have married you for the money"

"I'm in debt with school"

"Then it's the sex"

"We haven't had sex since our honeymoon because you got pregnant"

Charlotte put her hand on her fat stomach. "That's right I almost forgot"

Shane laughed. "How could you forget when you can't see you feet?"

"That's rude" Charlotte gently slapped him. "I guess it was love that made me marry you"

"It's the only possible explanation" he kissed her again. "What brings you here?"

"Justine is fussing over me and won't let me cook my own food so I walked here to get food and she'll be around any moment for the car so I need the keys"

"Where are you going?"

"To see my doctor"

"You're not finding out the sex of the baby Charlotte!"

"If I do I just won't tell you. I have an ultra sound. He wants to make sure the baby is healthy still"

"Okay, you sit and eat, I have to work, I'll see you at home"

The waitress put her food down. Shane shook his head.

"You sure you're going to eat all that?"

"I'm eating for two ass"

"I know, I know" Shane kissed her forehead and started to walk away to work.

Charlotte watched him and sighed. "Shane!"

He turned around. "Yes?"

"I love you"

"I love you too baby…here comes Justine"

"GIRL! You know you're doctor doesn't want you walking this distance. When I couldn't find you I ran out the door and sprained my ankle trying to find you. What are you doing here?"

Shane and Charlotte laughed. Justine was still a mad black woman and they loved her exactly that way.

"Justine, sit down and eat. I ordered enough for five" Charlotte laughed.

"In that case, I don't mind if I do. After you made me run halfway across town looking for you"

"You're the best you know that right"

"And you're stuck with me for life. I better be the God mother after all you've put me through"

"You will be, just like you were the maid of honour"

"Good, let's eat"