The Day A Country Died

Morning in New York, peaceful

People going to their jobs

World Trade Center,

Police, Fireman

Not knowing what was going to happen

People kissing their loved ones farewell

Hopping onto a plane.

Pilot tells his wife

He'll be back

A father hugs his daughter

Close, saying he'd be home


On those two planes,

hijackers snuck.

Forced all to


And nothing would happen.

But they don't tell us truth

The planes struck

One after the other

Into the Towers

All on the plane vanished.

Now the families

Of those people

The flying, the working

Wake up

Turn on the TV

Nothing different...


Instead of news,

they see a tragedy

Proof of the evil

Humans can do




Not wanting to believe.

An American life destroyed.

A lifestyle, a time.

Never to be found again.

Just from 3 planes

Taking off

As they were supposed to

September 11, 2001

Was the day America died.

Not only the precious, brave people

The nation, it's icon

Were destroyed

America, Bless our country

Was able to repair

With some help.

Crashing, fire, smoke, and screams

An American Icon destroyed,

A city and country dead.

Survivors thanking a higher power.

The dead, still alive.

In spirit, in heart,

The heroes of America.

Many here no more, but many still alive.

The firefighters, police,

Brave and helping

Pulling together in a tragedy

All is silent now in New York,

But the dead still dead,

So many, so many

Never found.

In Silence we Do Remember:

The workers,

The civilians,

The pilots,

The firefighters.

America's true heroes.

Our heroes are remembered in Silence,

But we know in our minds

They are not lost.

A hero is in all of us

Though it may only be found

In an American tragedy.

Silence now here,

But still a nation