Number 2 (word count 298)

Jordan glanced at her watch and then back at the clock on the car radio. They were four minutes off from each other, but she couldn't remember which was which. Well, she'd either be on time or four minutes late.

"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor came on the radio and Jordan cranked up the volume, but neglected to sing along. He had left her about a week earlier. As she drove, and thought of him, the storm clouds above thickened, causing her to turn on her headlights. A few minutes and radio station changes later, she managed to land right in the middle of the forceful chorus of "I will survive. As long as I know how to love I know I'll be alive."

This time she didn't bother listening, but changed the station. She was sure if she did still know how to there would be a reason to go on living, but could she and was there? Jordan had been struggling with these feelings all week, but now, here in the car, she realized what a powerful and deadly weapon she wielded.

The road was slick with the beginnings of rain as she whipped the steering wheel in around and then back quickly, flipping the car over onto the side of the road. She knew her life could end soon, but by some twist of fate, "I Will Survive" came on the third radio station. Just then, a small, black furry animal started poking its way into the car through a broken window and meowing. He had come back! As Gus licked her face, Jordan realized there was in fact something left to live for and hoped, as she pulled herself out of her roll-over equipped SUV and hoped that the insurance would cover this.