That's Just What You Said


I cry

Asking for help

My parents say

"Just get over him

Concentrate on your studies

She's too emotional and weak

I can't believe you haven't gotten over him yet

A true Indian wouldn't never to do"

My little brother always laughs and says

"Oh no, she's gonna cry.

See, she's the baby, not me."

Then my best friend in the whole universe

Tells my other friends

"She's just overreacting"

And yet to me, he says naught.

Maybe you people are right

Or maybe it's a lie

I'm just wondering:

That's what you say

Bu did you ever say what you meant?

I'm too emotional?

Well, don't I play the piano?

Burn my ears in music's acid

Draw and sketch dark pictures

Quiet and always reading?

Writing poems-wanting others to understand?

Didn't you realize

The truth was right in front of you

And yet you want to look through it?