Elastic heart

Not broken

At least not yet

Because you are

S t r o n g e r

-Or so you think-

As your porcelain tears fall

You only wonder why

You know what's beneath your bottle-tan

And black mascara

You know it's saltwater that flows

Beneath your gorgeous eyes

Well, maybe not gorgeous

Now they are only mud puddles

And your huge lips

Dipped in pretty gloss

Skin tainted with blush

She is so hot.

Yeah, that's what they think

But so is the water you are standing in

-Rephrase that-

Drowning in

And yet beneath that bright skirt

And ironed smile

You are broken

Hiding scars

And burns

And bruises


And secretly

-although you don't want to admit it-


And your thoughts became painted in suicide

You know the pill bottle's downstairs

And they only think you take the aspirin

Because your stomach hurts

From laughing too hard

Your body is glass

Eyes are hollow

Heart is empty

Happiness is pretend

-Get a grip on your life-