When I looked into your eyes that day,

I saw a weeping, hurting child who did not want

To say goodbye,

Though the voice of that day felt there needed

To be a parting.


Your eyes trembled as a light you held inside for so long

Flickered, wavered, dimmed,

As the little boy you once were cried out

At the loss of a love he always sought,

But never received.


I saw the pain and the tears you would not shed,

And I wondered if you really wanted

To say goodbye.

And I wondered why

You spoke for what you thought was best for me

Without thinking of how much

It would hurt you today.


Every time you cry for me,

The part of you I hold inside cringes

As familiar tears shimmer in the starlight.

And I wish there was some way

To end all the pain;





I hope someday we will get past this,

But no matter what happens,

I hope we will always be

Together in our hearts.