Frail skin so bare inticing snares

Hoping to just live another day

But I'm still praying that some day

I can catch a glimps in the mirror

See my reflection know I'm here


Fading away with the sun into the dusk

Hoping I can survive because I must

Blood still flowing in these veins so alive

Even though I feel that I've already died

Lifting my own heart as sacrifice to hate

Acting as satan's living breathing bait

Slowly I'm sinking it's draining all my life

As I am losing this never fight

That I call life

(end chorus)

Life is no place for hope or faith

Just an endless maze of suffering

But I'm still praying that someday

My smile will be much more than fake

Much more than the mask I've learned to take


Only the dark will accept me

Only the the dusk lets me see

The light of the sun does reject me

Because I know the truth about happiness

It does exist

Just not on earth