I couldn't stand her! That beautiful girl, with the perfect complexion and straight black hair. The attention was always on her.

"Oh, Snow White, how pretty you look today!" I heard the same thing day after day.

I was jealous. I wont deny it. But I stayed quite, letting her prance around and do her own thing, but one day, it went too far. Way too far.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall! Is this not the fairest day of all?" I was a good mood. The sun was shining down on my kingdom, and Snow White had gone out to pick wildflowers. How shallow! She only liked them because they were pretty, and smelled nice. She had no idea the healing, and potion benefits witches had found in them.

"Yes, Your Majesty," the Mirror replied. "But your people don't think so. They'd rather be ruled by Snow White, as they think her beauty would treat better with the other kingdoms."

My jaw fell open. How could they! My own people! I've always held balls for them, and kept taxes low. Did they think it was because I wasn't as beautiful as Snow White that I was having difficulties with other kingdoms? I had told them, in a public announcement, that it had been because they wanted me to just give them 12 skeins of fleece. I don't think so.

So, I called Edward to be. He was a hunter, always keeping the kitchens full of boar and deer, but he was loyal, and could find anything. I sent him to find Snow White and bring her to me. I was going to banish her, for meddling in my affairs, which I knew she was. I didn't tell Edward this, for he had a soft spot for the beautiful maiden, and I watched his progress in my mirror. Just out of curiosity, of course. He approached her in the field, looking nervous, and began whispering intently in her ear.

"You've got to get out of here!" he was saying. "The Queen's going to kill you because you're so beautiful!"

Well. How rumours get changed. Snow White sprang to her feet and ran off. Not too fast, mind you. She might've tripped over her extravagant dress or soiled her shoes.

For me, Snow White running away worked just fine as well. It certainly saved me the trouble of banishing her, and served the same purpose. With her out of the picture, I again regained my people's loyalty. Months went by, and there was no sign of her. Word reached me that she was staying in a little cottage with a band of dwarves. Good for her, I thought. Some honest work will do her good. I felt bad for the dwarves, though; she probably had them all charmed.

One day, an old woman came into the castle, seeking shelter, which I readily gave. I showed her to her room personally, when suddenly, I was in the mirror!

"What are you doing here?" the mirror asked me.

"What?" I exclaimed. Turned out that the lady was the wood witch, and she had taken my appearance and my kingdom. That wasn't enough though. She had to be the fairest, and apparently, she couldn't just change my appearance. So she went out to poison Snow White. The Mirror and I watched, and resume her old lady appearance. Being a magic mirror, I followed her route as she travelled to the cottage and gave Snow White the apple.

"An enchanted sleep." I diagnosed to the Mirror.

"Duh." It retorted.

The dwarves came back from work, and pushed the witch off a cliff. As she fell, her binding on me ceased, and I came back to reality.

So, I kept ruling, and Snow White kept sleeping, and the dwarves kept mourning her. Every day, I'd look in the Mirror to see if she'd woken, out of old habit. One day I looked, she was awake and well. The Prince, (my sister's son) was there, and they were riding back to the kingdom, undoubtedly to take my throne.

"Time to disappear." I told the Mirror. I tucked it under my arm and left, journeying to a kingdom in the far, far north I'd never even heard of. A very nice, modern place, but quite cold. I made a living there, away form Snobby Snow, and let her and my nephew rule kingdom. Snow White handed out the story of me trying to kill her, and how traumatic it had been for her, the poor, helpless, victim of my cruelty. That's all right with me. As long as I never have to see her perfect little face again, I'm happy.