It was really a surprise when Snowsoot declared war on the kingdom of Squin. Unicorns were supposed to be friendly creature, weren't they? Apparently not.

King Hubert and his advisor Oliver got news of this on March 12, in the third age of Squin, if that matters to you. It was on this day, that the largest potato in the land was eaten, and taxes were raised by .05 to pay all of the people who had mashed the giant potato.

The kingdom was very law abiding, as King Hubert could tell when anyone was lying, except when he was especially drunk. The Unicorn Revolt was completely unseen, and with unknown cause, so King Hubert and Oliver rode out to the Bellmonth Forest, where Snowsoot and his arc resided.

After requesting a meeting with Snowsoot, and the ceremonial swords that hung from their belts were removed, King Hubert and Oliver were ushered into a small, guarded clearing. The Unicorns needn't have worried about the swords; neither Oliver, nor King Hubert were trained in the art of sword craft, and would have probably done more damage to themselves than to the Unicorn community.

"Yes?" said the great Unicorn. He was white, with black dappled along his flanks. Hubert and Oliver didn't know what colour his eyes were, being as if you look into the eyes of a Unicorn you suddenly have a strong urge to hurl yourself off a cliff, and all.

"Snowsoot, honourable leader, my helpful advisor and I would like to be enlightened as to why war has been declared on us so suddenly and without known reason." Said King Hubert in a well-practised tone. Treating with a hostile enemy was not a new thing to him; he had been king for 12 years now.

Here, Snowsoot completely flipped out.

"That was OUR potato, you fools!" he snorted, stamping his hooves. "We grew it for you with our wonderfully magical growth-of-plants magic! And then you go and eat it and raise taxes and everything! Credit for us? NO! You greedy, money-sucking-" I will stop here, as Snowsoot continued with some, ahem, inappropriate comments.

"We still have some left!" chimed Oliver brightly, making a plate of mashed potatoes appear from inside his fancy advisor robes.

"I didn't know you had that many pockets." King Hubert said, surprised. Oliver shrugged and handed the plate to the Unicorn.

Snowsoot peered at the plate. He sniffed it, and prodded it with a hoof.

"Well, all seems to be in order then" he pronounced, and began to eat. "Next year, though, it'll be a tomato. I like tomato soup better than mashed potatoes.

Hubert and Oliver returned to the castle with stories about how Snowsoot attacked them, and he was fought off, along with 48 other Unicorns with naught but a ballpoint pen and a hand mirror.

That day was nationally named as Squin Day of Victory against the Unicorns of Bellmonth Forest. I can tell you, the Unicorns never again helped with the harvest, and from that day forth, there always was a shortage of tomato soup in the Kingdom of Squin.