June 8, 2007

Without You

My spirit is dead

My spirit has left my body

All my passion has disappeared from my being

I walk in the hallways alone and run away when my friends approach

Tears come and go as I dress in black

My hat covering my eyes, hiding my tears

My heart doesn't beat like it used to

So many times I've asked myself, "Where are you, Jenn," expecting an answer would arrive

It didn't and it left me dead and crushed inside

You were the reason I survived freshman year, all because of the love you gave me

Haven't heard from you in two months

And I've cried every night, asking myself, "What have I done?"

I've never regarded myself as high as I should

Only my poems and nothing else

Then I feel so inadequate

I'm shy, scared and idiotic

I'm only good at writing and my art…has become somewhat stupid

But, when you came in my life, I became less shy and more confident

But, two months have passed and I never received your words of love

You've disappeared

And without you, I've become that shy girl again; who thinks less of me

Without you, I feel like I should be dead

No blood flowing through me, no worried words from my friends

Not bothering anyone again

It hurts when I see couples kissing at school, receiving words of love

Because I wish that were you and me

When I was depressed, I drew broken hearts on my papers and my hand

But when you came, those broken hearts turned to full hearts

But without you, I am drawing them again

I even come up with heart translations

Without you, I am nothing

Without you, I am broken

Without you