May 30, 2007

Where is my love?

Endless nightmares

Crying out in the dark

Raining clouds, darkening the starry sky

Hugging myself softly as I cry

Covering my sorrowful self with blankets

Closing my eyes, shutting them tightly

My heart full of sorrow and despair

My mind reeling itself over and over

Crying in sorrow, hiding in the dark asking

"Where is my love? Where are you, Jenn?"

In my Gaia world, hiding and locking myself in closets, crying silently

Asking myself over and over again, "where is Jenn?"

People trying to bring me out, others beat down the door and slap me

I just want my Jenn

I'm dying inside

Oh God, let her be alright

Don't let her die or be harmed

I want her alive

Where is my love?

Where are you, my love?