Internet Attraction


Chapter 4


Just A Little


Taylor and I stumbled through our door at 2:05, barely awake enough to make it to our beds.

I felt like shit, and I know she did too.

Though she had been the one not wanting me to drink, I could tell she had engaged in a couple of shots herself and if I'd been a little more conscious, I might have felt a pang of guilt.

Instead, I felt a pang of nausea.

I threw my purse at the foot of my bed and dragged myself into the bathroom, grabbing the edge of the toilet with a hand just in time.

I did not hold my alcohol as well as I would have liked, even when it was only small amounts of alcohol.

I really wanted to stop doing this.

But being a party girl for so long had made me extremely biased to the lifestyle. Partying was all I knew. Unfortunately, I had to use one bad coping mechanism to deal with all the other bad things in my life.

I wanted more than anything to just go home at times. I thought about what it might be like to leave this stupid Academy and try to get my life moving down another track, toward a different destination.

But every time I thought about it, I seemed to cast it aside and revert back to the norm, the only path I knew. Because home scared me.

And I didn't want to leave Taylor, because I'd grown to really love the girl. As much as we joked around or were sarcastic with one another, we knew we'd always have the other's back. I couldn't let her lose another best friend.

No, there was no way out now. I had to finish business here.

I grabbed a towel off the rack and wiped my mouth, followed by some rinsing to rid the bitter taste.

Hangovers were never fun, but somehow, I drank anyway.

And, the last bit of barf seeming to be up and out, I relaxed against the counter cabinets and thought about Cowboy.

He didn't drink. I honestly would have never guessed that about him just by looking at him.

He possessed that tough and yet dazzling sexy aura, and he seemed like the type who would throw back a few beers before trying to catch you in a corner.

But he'd been at least half polite with me. He'd paid for a few of my drinks, and his kisses were mind-numbing.

I wondered what his name was.

I wondered if I'd ever see him again.

I hoped so. And, knowing that it had actually been the second time we'd seen him there, I had faith there'd be a third in the near future.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked a little frazzled, but I thought all in all, I still looked pretty gorgeous. I didn't blame Cowboy for wanting me. Call me an egoist, but I couldn't help it. I just believed in myself. Well, at least in the looks department.

In other areas, I was still pretty messed up.

I quickly wiped off my smeared make-up and patted my face dry. I looked fresh again, and I felt instantly better.

Upon coming out of the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of Tay's hunched figure spread across the floor. I was much too weak to try to hoist her onto her bed all by myself, and not wanting to wake her, I grabbed a blanket and spread it over her. She stirred, grunting a little in her sleep, but soon fell silent again. I was thankful that she wasn't snoring.

I padded over to my bed, and, suddenly not feeling tired, turned on my laptop.

I looked for the screenname that had become so familiar over the past year and was a little disheartened when I saw that he was offline.

But, only two minutes later, at 2:27, AnonymouslyAndy showed up.

About another two second had passed before a window popped up on the screen before me, and my heart regained a little of its speed.

AnonymouslyAndy requests a chat with you. Accept?

I clicked on the affirmative button and was delighted when his words were made available to me.

AnonymouslyAndy: My beautiful, what are you doing up at this hour?

CoquettishlyColl: Oh, you know me, can't sleep. :/

AnonymouslyAndy: Ah. What is it this time?

CoquettishlyColl: Semi-drunken clubbing…you know, the norm for me. Nearly scored, though, if ya know what I mean. ;-) Always a good night when that happens.

AnonymouslyAndy: Hmm. And why 'nearly'?

CoquettishlyColl: Dunno. I think he was actually a bit of a 'good boy,' though his outward appearance did not suggest it.

AnonymouslyAndy: Well, it's not always about outward appearances, you know.

CoquettishlyColl: Yeah, I wouldn't know about those. At least not where you're concerned. :-P

AnonymouslyAndy: Are you making fun of me? Adding insult to injury?

CoquettishlyColl: Well, what else would I do with my time? And only because you know I'm not going to give up and meet you before I'm ready.

AnonymouslyAndy: Oh, I'm hurt. Excuse me for a moment while I remove the broken pieces of arrow from my bleeding chest.

CoquettishlyColl: Okay, no need for the graphics this time, babe. It's much too late…or early.

AnonymouslyAndy: I'm not a bad guy, Coll. You won't need any more drunken nights with random guys when you realize I'm all you need.

CoquettishlyColl: Ooh, someone's jealous.

AnonymouslyAndy: Only because I know you're worth it.

CoquettishlyColl: Aw, how sweet. Was my heart supposed to melt there?

AnonymouslyAndy: Of course it was.

CoquettishlyColl: Well…maybe it did. Just a little. :)

A/N: To be continued.



xoxo HopelessDreamer07