Fire, burning bright,

Lightning, ripping 'cross the sky,

Water, lapping at the shore,

Soil, crunching underfoot,

And I look for you.

Heat, seeping through the walls,

Cold, swelling in my heart,

Light, filling the world,

Darkness, creeping towards me,

The distance closes still.

Happiness, shared between new friends,

Fear, felt in nights alone,

Anger, as the pain recedes,

Sadness, hanging as the world drifts by,

Resounding through the months and years.

Sky, floating above the earth,

Sound, coming from everything,

Thought, provoking ideas in everyone,

Life, continuing without me,

Where do I belong?

Kindness, brings us all together,

Violence, tears us all apart,

Madness, corrupts the innocent,

Death, forces maturity on the masses,

You're nowhere to be found.

Torture, from the loneliness,

Faithfulness, keeps me going,

Beauty, leads me back to you,

Love, is what I feel,

Even though I can never find you.