"I still can't believe you know who the drummer is but not the singer." August muttered darkly before handing me a small bag of ice. I immediately put it on my shoulder, which was throbbing and burning from the run and not taking the pain killers, which I really wish I had taken with me right now. I tried to ignore the burning of my face, which had nothing to do with anything physical, no I was completely embarrassed because of my short outburst. Usually I had control of my tongue, well more like I couldn't form words most of the time than control but whichever, this was new territory for me.

"I told you, my roommate-" I tried to find the right words. I wasn't going to say 'she has a huge crush on the drummer' on the off chance that Xandra actually met them and found out what I had said. "-has a poster of him. She's been a drummer since she was 7." August really seemed like the only one upset about this whole thing but then again, I hadn't looked at the other three band members, especially the one we were talking about currently.

"Don't worry about it, Ollie's just made that he isn't center of attention like usual." I looked up to another one of the band members. By power of deduction I deduced that he was the base player, since there was only 3 members of Awkward Redemption that wasn't very difficult thing to figure out. "I'm Bryant." He held out his darkly tanned hand and I shook it, smiling at him politely before I noticed that my hand was probably wet and cold because I had been holding the ice bag to my shoulder only seconds before. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that Bryant was Italian with his dark, mocha skin and deep brown eyes. He was tall, not quite meeting August's or as he called him, Ollie's, height but was by no means short. His black hair was long but pulled into a pony tail that rested on the nape of his neck.

"Hi, I'm Prue." I managed to squeak out, mentally moaning as my voice came out timid but Bryant didn't seem to notice as he smiled and nodded before his dark eyes trailed over my arm.

"Yes, she is the person I slammed into trying to avoid those psychotic fans." August answered the unasked question in a muttered voice. I couldn't help but notice how very, childish he was being because he was still sulking over not being noticed as the singer of AR.

"I'm not suing or anything." I said when I noticed the worried looks on both Bryant and Ryder's, the drummer, faces. Both of them visibly relaxed as August looked up.

"Who said anything about suing?" He asked with a tilt of his head, looking around the room. I actually had no idea why I had come, I wasn't expecting him to buy me a new camera or pay for the hospital bills plus even if he offered, I would decline. Maybe I just wanted to yell at someone since I had been misdirecting my anger towards Xandra and Charlie. "What were you doing downtown at that time of night anyways?" August asked suspiciously and I narrowed my eyes at him but he insisted on playing the innocent game as he smiled at me.

"I am not a hooker if that's what you're thinking." I said, completely offended. Did I even look like a hooker? I think not, every inch of my body was covered up except my hands and face. I was wearing a turtle neck for goodness sake! Then again, I had never met a hooker personally so maybe they dressed regularly during the day? Why am I even thinking this, it isn't even relevant!

"Just getting you back for accusing me of being on drugs." August said with a wide grin, showing off those dimples again. I rolled my eyes.

"I was there for the concert. My friend dragged me along-" Before I could finish my sentence August interrupted.

"Our concert?" He asked and I nodded after a second. "You watched us perform and you still didn't know who I was?" He asked as if I was the stupidest person around. I would have crossed my hands over my chest and glared at him but for one thing, my shoulder wouldn't allow that and another, I did understand his point. I had stared right at him and didn't notice who he was.

"You had a hat on!" I tried to defend myself but he was still giving me that accusing look.

"It's an honest mistake." Ryder chimed in but by the tone of his voice it was obvious that he was finding amusement out of August disdain for the whole situation. I stood up after I had glanced at the clock.

"I should be heading back to school." I said but August took a step towards me and I raised an eye brow.

"We still haven't switched back phones, and stop giving me that damned look." August said in a low growl and I couldn't take him too serious, since he was still pouting about not being recognized. I suddenly remembered the whole reason for coming here and searched through my purse until I produced the lime green phone. He took it before handing back my orange one and I put it into my purse. I smiled before turning towards the door.

"Hey, I'll walk you back." Bryant said before walking over to me.

"You don't have to do that, I live at the university and it's pretty far away." I said, even though part of me wanted him to come. By the time I managed to make it to the subway it would be getting dark and it would be nice to have someone there with all the wacko's who ride the subway but it was a far ride.

"Oh, that is really far away." Bryant said with a frown and I felt my hopes dashed. "I'll call you a cab." He moved over to the phone that was by the bed and I felt my face heat up for no particular reason.

"No, I didn't bring that much money." I said quickly. All three looked at me before looking at each other.

"I'll pay, it's the least we can do and though this is my first time in New York I don't think it's very safe for a young girl to be riding the subway at night and alone." Bryant said smoothly before picking up the phone. "Hell can you call a cab? Thank you." He hung up the phone and turned back to me. "The deed is done."


"Where have you been?" Xandra asked, sitting on our couch with books and papers spread out around her. Her eyes glittered with curiosity as I sat down in one of the empty chairs.

"Out." I knew Xandra wouldn't push it any farther even though I wanted to spill everything that had happened to me. I didn't really think Xandra would believe me, she would probably think I swallowed one too many of the painkillers then tell me to go lay down. I felt bad keeping secretes from her because she was the first person who had been nice to me without wanting something from me in return and I didn't want to screw up our friendship with secretes. "Do you have any magazine with pictures of Awkward Redemption?" I asked, trying to sound casual but failing as she looked up from her notes to me.

"Yeah, you know me I never throw any magazines away." Xandra answered with a smile before tilting her head to the side. Her colorful hair was thrown into a messy pony tail, pieces falling down in her face and she was wearing a large worn Ramones t-shirt, probably Charlie's, and a pair of red shorts with a pair of rainbow colored toe-socks to complete her look. "Do you want to see them?" She asked and I nodded. She put her notebook next to her before getting up and going into her bedroom. She came back a few minutes later with two magazines. "These are the best." She flipped effortlessly to the pages and handed them to me before sitting back down to resume her studies.

"Where's Charlie?" I asked before she had a chance to ask me why I wanted to see the magazines.

"He's filling in at the radio station for a friend." Xandra answered, sounding slightly annoyed. It seemed that Charlie and Xandra got to see less and less of each other and it was finally grating on Xandra's nerves. Mostly Xandra let things roll off her back, not the one to pick meaningless fights. She preferred to wait and then when she really picked a fight, people would know she was serious about it since she didn't argue just about any little thing.

I turned my attention down to the magazine, knowing that Xandra didn't want to talk about her problems. The first one was Blender and a full spread on the band with a large full page picture of the band. I made a face because they were too posed, even though I had just met them I knew that they probably didn't like doing stuff like this. They were standing up, August had his guitar while Bryant had his bass and Ryder was holding his drum sticks. Though they did look good. They were all dressed in dark clothes that looked too dressy for all of them, since at both the show and when I had met them they dressed regular, except Bryant who had a bit more high fashioned clothes. The article was typical of a day in the life of Awkward Redemption, nothing too in depth or unique about it.

I pulled the other magazine out from underneath the first one I read. This one wasn't really well known to me and was a bit older to date than the Blender one. It was another full spread on them but this one had small pictures scattered around the interview, which was just typed up like the interviewer said it. The pictures were more natural too, one on a tour bus of August and Ryder holding Bryant down, both laughing. Another was of Bryant in mid laugh at some unknown joke. A third showed Ryder helping the crew unload everything. The third had the three all spread out, sleeping on one couch with August basically falling off. And finally the last sported August licking his guitar. I smiled slightly and read the interview, shaking my head at some parts.

Interviewer: What would you say is the best part of being in a well-known band and touring?

August: That's hard. The money, girls, fame, fortune, man we just love it all! Haha no but truthfully it's not even about being well known or touring. We are just as happy now as we were in our tiny van, hoping from one bar to the next.

Ryder: Dude, I'm totally more happy with actually having a place to sleep and a steady pay-check!

August: So you're in it for the money?

Ryder: I can't help that what I'm awesome and love to do brings in the big-bucks.

Bryant: Ah, my favorite thing would be traveling with these two. I think anyone would agree, yeah?

August: He should be ousted.

Ryder: You'd die without me.

August: I would thrive without you!

Ryder: Admit your love or I'm not playing the next gig!

August: Shut the hell up or I'm not playing the next gig!

Bryant: You heard it here first folks, Bryant's going solo.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the whole interview. It basically went like that through the whole thing. August and Ryder would bicker, bringing everyone off topic while Bryant went with the punches and just cracked joke after joke.

"I knew you'd love them." I looked up to notice that Xandra had been watching me. I felt my face flame as I closed the magazine. "They are having a signing tomorrow before they leave, we should go." Some part of me, a tiny part said that it was a bad idea. There would be a lot of people there, probably people that I wouldn't like at all and I had dealt with enough people I don't like so far. Yet there was a bigger part of me that had a mental image of Bryant in mid-laugh and him being so insistent of waiting with me for the cab, then opening the door.

"Okay." I agreed and Xandra's smiled widened. Plus this would take her mind off of Charlie, I was doing this for her. Or at least, that's what I was telling myself.

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