A line of girls varying in ages are bought inside and made to sit along a wall. As each one was processed a lone, sorry figure sat with her head bowed down. She was brought to life with a kick at her foot.

"Is your name Kailey Moore" growled the overweight woman

The girl looked up through hazy eyes and rubbed her face

"huh, what" came mumbled reply

"great, just what I need at the end of my shift." She growled

"Hey Kailey" came quieter spoken voice of a young man "do you know where you are"

Kailey looked around then focused back on the guy "ummmm I've been sent to rehab clinic" she replies calmly

The fat woman scoffed "yeh right, I don't think so sweets" growled the woman

Kailey got shakily to her feet "what….I'm supposed" she focused on the uniforms of the two people then noticed the bars around the room she was brought into. Kailey begins to fret "what the fuck" she stuttered "no…this isn't….. I can't be"

"here we go, why do we always get them coming off a bender. My girl you are in gaol, remember you did a bad thing"

"hey don't upset her" hushed the guy

The fat guard got on her radio and called for extra assistance.

Kailey started to back away "no…stay away I'm not supposed to be here" she started rambling

The two guards approached her "hey it's ok Kailey settle down, we not going to hurt you." Said the young guard

Kailey ran off down a corridor but was cornered by another guard. As she turned she was restrained roughly

"let me go you fat cow….. I'm not supposed to be here" whined Kailey weakly

The overweight guard laughed "tch tch insults, typical of a foul mouth junkie. yeh that's what they all say." they dragged her off kicking and screaming.

Next morning a male guard opened door and pointed Kailey into the cell. Kailey's head was pounding, her eyes blurry. All she wanted was something to take the edge off her cravings.

"Kailey this is your cell mate, her name is Roz" introduced the guard

"Hi Kailey" said Roz cheerfully

Kailey dumped her stuff on the bed and collapsed ignoring them her.

Later in the day Kailey was getting her way around her new home. Someone pushed passed her then faced her.

"hey new bitch got any stuff" growled the girl

Kailey leaned against the wall and shook her head. The girl grabbed her face and looked at her. "I believe you, and I bet you could do with something to help you settle in" said the girl

"uh huh" nodded Kailey "please"

The girl smirked and grabbed Kailey pulling her into a cleaner's closet. "You can call me Ang.." she holds up couple of tablets.

Kailey went for them but Ang held her back easily "uh uh. First thing what you got to trade"

Kailey shrugs "nothing, cmon please I'll do what you want"

Ang looks her over. "I watched you come in yesterday, coming off that high must be agonising You're kinda cute, in a skanky way."

"what do you want" pleaded Kailey

"you…… kiss me"

Kailey stood still

Ang grabs for the door "fine, I'm sure"

Kailey with all the energy she could muster landed a clumsy kiss on Ang. Ang took control and forced Kailey to the wall. You got to do better than that if you want these babies. I want you to fuck me." Ang grabs Kailey hand and forces it into her pants inside, rubbing herself.

Kailey with what little strength she had worked inside Ang pants. Angs kisses Kailey roughly "that it fuck me, harder, harder."

Roz was coming back from the laundry when she found Kailey leaning unsteadily against the wall.

"Kailey, are you ok." Roz grabs her just as Kailey stumbles "whoa what happened"

Kailey eyes were blood shot and she was giggling "nothing, I'm fine. I can't seem to find my car keys do you know where they are" patting her pockets.

Roz felt sorry for the young girl "Kailey what did you take"

Kailey walked away "fuck off, leave me alone"