Weeks passed before Kailey finally received a letter. It mainly contained apologies about not writing, she was still working on the transfer request and the day trips she had been doing with her kids.

Kailey closed her eyes and cried.

Two months passed with no word from Roz. Kailey spoke to the chief warden but he had no requests for any transfer and would look into it.

When she returned to her cell she found letter on her bed. She ripped it open quickly and skimmed it. She bit her lip and sat down on the bed reading it slowly her smile turning upside down.

Dear Kailey

I hope you are well, I've been thinking of you a lot and I wish I was writing good news. I haven't done your transfer like I promised you. The truth is I never should have made that promise to you. My situation has changed and I've been patching things up with my husband. We have agreed to give our marriage another go, for the kids. I'm so sorry I had to tell you in a letter. I hope you can forgive this old fool and move on.

I did hear you got your sentence reduced which is fantastic and we seemed to be getting out around the same time. I can't promise we will catch up, please please make good use of your life Kailey. Stay safe. Love Roz

Kailey screwed up the letter into a ball and threw it at the wall, then it landed in the bin. Kailey closed her eyes as the tears fell silently

Later that day Kailey was doing her laundry and was bent down next to the dryer. She noticed someone walking in and looked up to see it was Ang

"Oh great, could my day get any worse" stands up and bitches to Ang

Ang didn't say anything, just smirked and nodded her head. Kailey looked over her should to see the door close and blocked by two bigger girls. Kailey knew she was in trouble and rushed to the door but she was restrained, she tried screaming but the other girl put her hand over her mouth. Kailey tried thrashing free but couldn't move. Her eyes widened when Ang took a sharpened shank out from her sock. Kailey tried yelling but her cries were muffled

"I remember that speech that you killed someone once and you could do it again. But hun you ain't that type of girl. Now me, well I've killed before as well and I can do it again."

Kailey doubled over from pain as Ang stabbed her. Ang bent to Kailey ear "shame your old lady not here to see this" and laughs sadistically

Kailey's screams muffled again as Ang stabbed her repeatedly. Kailey looked down to see her blood pooling on the floor. Her knees buckled and she slumped to the ground. A sharp pain in her back as Ang's cronies got in on the act kicking and punching her.

Roz's tears staining her letter as she continued to read on

We are still in shock over this. She had been stabbed, kicked and beaten so badly, by the time the guards found her she was already dead. Of course they held an investigation but turned up nothing. Most of us pretty much know who had done this to Kailey. She turned out to be a lovely girl once she had beaten her addiction. I'm sorry you had to get this bad news, I know you and Kailey were very close so I wanted to let you know. Anyways on good note congratulations on getting your freedom back, hope things work out well for you and your family. Your friend Nancy

Roz hands shaking folded up the letter tightly and threw it in the lit fire place. She drops her head in her hands and breaks down crying.

The end