Incentive yet unforeseen indications of affection

By: Lily-Muffin (Reviews addressed to her)

Darkness is thinning out as the moon slowly rose to join the many other sparkling lights in the winter night sky—the sounds of the crickets chirping are only drowned out by the occasional gusts of wind through the trees. Sitting next to Lily was her close friend: Daniel, who up until this point has been her loving and supportive friend. He's asked Lily to spend time with him many times before and she had thought naught of it, but this time is oddly different. Her mind raced as the two of them sat quietly… alone under the large oak tree they used to play under as kids.

"Come meet me at the usual spot at ten o' clock" Daniel whispered affectionately as he intentionally bumped his shoulder into Lily's, gently pressing the side of his arm against her own. His lips brushed against her ear as he spoke to her. The way his voice sounded made her uncomfortable, and it sent shivers down her spine. His tone was unruffled, quiet, and lofty…something very unusual of the Ryans boy.

A few stares were earned from the passing crowd, transfixed on the two who were pressed against each other.

"I have something important to tell you." He added with more sweetness in his voice, causing Lily to flush crimson. To add more discomfort, he swiftly brushed his lips against her cheek, before backing away to allow her some space. He haughtily ran a hand through his chocolate brown tresses next and it fell smoothly back in place.

Her breath hitched.

He beamed at her, albeit a bit too sweetly, before turning around and carried on with his hike back to his residence. The red head watched as he left, making a mental note to keep a closer eye on her friend.

A few minutes have passed before Daniel bent his neck over his shoulder just to have a peek at Lily.

She was staring at him.

He held their eye contact for a few seconds, and broke it with a wink. He smirked as she once again, turned scarlet.

Flustered, she turned around, sensing the need to avert her mind's attention to something else less confusing and maddening.

It had been an interesting yet bothering occurrence, Lily reflected as she went in the opposite way, taking an indirect route back to her house, passing through two dull red fire hydrants and eight lifeless bushes twice. She always took a roundabout way to her home, just in case someone decided to follow her.

Lily tried saying something to break the silence but was very distracted at how lovingly and absorbedly Daniel was looking at her. He slowly brought his face closer to Lily's, his eyes boring onto hers. Lily started to redden when thoughts of him kissing her came flooding her mind. Up until now, she'd never thought of the possibility. He suddenly stops, their noses almost touching-- Lily strained herself to look at him, her eyes clearly showing anticipation together with exasperation. She wondered why he stopped… wasn't he going to kiss her right there and then? Come what may, Lily was having doubts if he was just teasing her or not, she played with these thoughts in her head as her mind floated. The parting of his lips seemed to knock her back to reality. He started to speak in a gentle tone, low enough to be considered as a whisper.

"You ate my damn sandwich at McDonald's yesterday (I saw your sneaky ass—you ain't slick) and we're going back so you can buy me another one."