Silence kills

So why aren't I dead yet?

Why does it have to be such a

Slow and painful death?

I guess it was all just a lie

When you said I was the best thing that ever happened to you

Or when you said you were madly in love

With me.

Love doesn't die over night

Or over one fight

Are we even still together?

Is this just a fight?

Or could this be a little deeper.

I have a feeling it is.

An explanation would be nice

What happened?

I know I did something

The question is

What is it that bothered you?

My foolish freak-outs

My lack of trust

Or my envious ways?

Was it that I didn't give you

What you were looking for?

I thought you had more morals than that.

Or is this God.

Is this his wish?


I don't know who else

Would do this

Or have this will

All of my friends

Were happy for me.

Or so they said.

And yeah, well,

I guess it's time to say good-bye

But he never gives me the chance

Or even the chance to say that I still love him

Not like he'd believe it

Or agree

But I need to move on

Get over it

This is probably God's will

I prayed that if it wasn't

That it would be ended immediately.

And it was.

Sometimes I wish I didn't ask

Because I don't like the answers that I receive

But I'll get over it


But God please break this silence

Confirm some answer

Please make something clear.

At least if I knew,

It wouldn't hurt so badly.

And if…

Please God

Reveal to me what happened

Reveal to me your purpose

I'm sorry for not listening sooner

God just please help me

I need an answer

I need your help


I thought I had been listening to you

But apparently I was wrong