She carved I miss you

On her wrists

It was written in her skin

And she said she only fell down

I think she fell down and hit those stairs

A little harder than she thinks

And told everyone she did

Because how can a stair

Carve words out on her wrists?

How can one fall

Be refreshed every day?

Only a fall into a grave

Or a daily slip

Could do that

But it wasn't a stair that hurt her

Or any inanimate object

The only one that hurt her

Was herself

She changed herself to every boyfriend she had

And gave her morals away

At one point a Christian

To a cheerleader

Then a drug addict

To one that gave herself away

And transformed into whatever image that would

Grant her love

Once a Goth

Now a Wicca

What is next?

I guess it depends on who

Next touches her lips

And breaks her

And makes her break her own skin

No; it was a fall down the stairs

No; her smile isn't real

Something I don't know happened.

And I think those words

I miss you

Had something to do with it…