In between every word

There is you

Only you, Lord

At least now

You've humbled me

Broken me

And I want you to break me further

Break me into so many pieces that I can't stand

And renovate me to be completely new



And perfect

In your eyes

Let me be righteous in your eyes

Let your hands slip into mine

Carry me while I am

falling apart

I know that you can help me

I know that you are there

That this is all your purpose

Guide my next action

My next thought

Make me do your will
And glorify your name.

Every thought comes back to you

Every word should drip with your holiness

Although that isn't always the case.

But God you know I love you

So help me to show it

And live further for you.

I'll pray

And try to listen

(even if I don't succeed)

And I will try to obey

And forgive me if I can't always be

P e r f e c t

In your presence

I know you'll love me as I am

But help me to like myself too

And live

And breathe

And move

And get closer to you.