I think I want Cancer.
She whispers in the night
Of her own mind and violation
she lights up

Just one(twothreefour) more
Confined to tiled walls and reflections
studying what will always remain
nothing in a pretty box

Lightning Bug tells under a midnight sun
Inhale, Exhale, and
repeat offender here she comes

Mommy, I can't breathe.
Dyspnea and hemoptysis
Over looked and covered up,
after all the whole point of this is
attention (Right?)

Studying mutated cell structure
flaked ash d r i p p i n g
out her bedroom window

Smoldering sanity contrasting
against acceptance of a
night granted wish
Lung Cancer Patient

Hidden symptoms come to light
Chest x-rays, biopsies, chemo
Hospice care at 17
Suspected death by 23

Hacking by porch light
tossing money to the neighbor boy
for a stolen box of smokes

Linoleum Mausoleum
hunkered down by a fraying screen
emaciated fingers flicking out
one(twothreefour) butts at a time

Yellowed lips crack with
Old Age smirking into
filmy gray manifestations

Cancerous nothing
lacking definition