The whole world echoed around her. She tried to suck in a breath, but it was harsh, and quick. Her laughter was silent, but spilled out of her, nonetheless. The entire world was nothing but a swirling, flashing, fast world, that had no time for the cautious and scared. Bright neon lights, and loud, blaring music from the live band not to far from the ride, consumed her, and she managed to tear her eyes off the spinning world around her, to her giddy partner in gravity defying fun. Faye's face was contorted into a hysterical grin, laughing to the point of tears, which made Chaslin's laughter break out of silence into a side spliting fit of happiness. The ride mechanically groaned as it bucked up and down, and, at the same time, spun a series of smaller individually spinning domes.

The two girls were still laughing hysterically when the famaliar clank of the ride told them that they were slowing down. When it came to a complete stop and the door to their dome opened, they were still laughing.

Faye wiped tears from her eyes as she wobbled on her unsteady feet, "I'm... so dizy," She giggled out, watching her best friends failed attempts to stand up by herself.

Chaslin darted out her hand and grasped Faye's shoudler for support, "I guess riding this thing five times in a row probally wasn't the best idea we've had all night."

"But it was the funnest," Faye ran her fingers through her long strawberry blonde hair, fixing her side swept bangs and her part. Her feathery hair fell to the bottom of her breasts, and was cut into stylish, thin layers. Chaslin knew from the second she had met Faye in her fourth grade class that she was going to grow up to be a complete knock out. Of course, it was just they way of the universe for no one other then her best friend to notice this.

When Faye was younger, and Chaslin has just moved into town, she was an outcast. She'd sit by herself in the corner of her classrooms, where no one could talk to or laugh at her. She was an awkard child, her blonde hair stragly and limp, never combed and rarely washed. She had braces that gripped her awful, crooked teeth, and huge, coke-bottle glasses, that completely hide her watery green eyes. Chaslin could still remeber walking into a cheerful classroom, where Mrs. Kent, their fourth grade teacher, introduced her while her hopeful parents and cocky principal watched the whole ordeal from the hall. Chaslin was quite, too quite. She was basically completely introverted, and when anyone tried to make friends with this shy new girl, she'd push them away. But then, the fateful day came when Chaslin couldn't find a partner for a simple astronomy project, and Mrs. Kent inevibally partnered her up with the only child left; Faye. Since that day, the girls had been inseprable. By the time they were finished there solar system project, the girls had found that they had bonded themselves over styrofoam balls, finger painted the look like Jupiter and Earth, held up by bent clothes hangers.

Chaslin, now seventeen, looked over at her beautiful buddy, "How about we go grap something to eat. I can smell the bar-b-que stand, and it's driving me crazy."

Faye grinned at her, "Sounds like another great idea."

The crowded fair was warm and loud with the sounds and smells of people. Chaslin rubbed the bare nape of her neck, and then her bare shoudlers, almost in an effort to rub off the extreme summer heat. All she wore was a tank top and shorts, but it was still almost unbearable. Looking over at Faye, as scantially clad as she was, it made her think of how much they had changed since they had met. Faye had went from a beast to a beauty, and Chaslin had changed quite a bit herself. Unlike her younger days of long, swooping, princess-curly hair, Chaslin now wore her brown hair short enough that it barely touched her shoulders. Unlike her pimply days of high school, she now had crystal clear, and extraordinarily pale skin, that made her bright blue eyes look almost unnatural.

"Why are you giving me that weird look?" Faye asked, looking slightly puzzled.

"Oh, you know, just thinking and stuff," Chaslin smiled, and averted her attention to the crowded stalls they were walking past. There was something like a whack-a-mole game, darts, apple bobbing, palm reading, and everything else you'd expect to find in a fair. The air was feverish with music, screams, laughter and voices. The sounds and smells and sights were almost too much to take in all at once.

"Ah, I've been waiting for this all night Chaz," Faye swallowed a deep breath of air, "I can taste it already."

The food stand finally came into view, and the smell increases into an exoxicating perfume of summer. Streaks of steam rose up from a blistering hot bar-b-que smoothered in sauce, and topped with thick steaks, long hot dogs, and burnt hambugers.

Faye passed her money to the overheated cook, standing behind the bar-b-que with his knee-long white apron splattered with sauce. Sweat poured down his forhead as he barked, "Whatcha want, girly?"

"To hot dogs with relish and mustard, and a Coke, please," Faye looked overjoyed as he plucked two of the thick, long, weiners off the firey gill, and into hot dog buns. He picked them up with napkins, and passed them to Faye, and pointed to the counter before his grill which held the condiments. He then went to fill up her drink, and ended up spilling some on his already dirtied apron.

"And for you, little lady?" He smiled at me.

"I'll have a hot dog, please. And a viamin water, if you have any."

"I don't got none of that crazy healthy stuff. All I gots is carbinated sugars, ducky." He spit out a loud laugh, tilting back his head and closing his eyes for comidic effect.

"Then a root beer, please," Chaslin passed him the money, and he continued to smile at her.

"That I can do."

She smeared some ketchup on her hotdog, took her drink for the cook, and said a pleasent good-bye before her and Faye walked away from the stand.

Faye shuffed the end of her first hotdog into her mouth, "What do you want to do now?" She asked, her mouth full of bar-b-que.

"We can..." Chaslin slurped her drink and darted her eyes around.

"We can watch the band!" Faye perked up, "That'll be great!"

Chaslin laughed, "Okay then. Lead the way!"