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Chapter One

"Come on, Ryan," Callie tugged on his left arm a little too hard, "How come you're all depressed like, is it that Johnny kid, 'cause if it is, I'd totally kick his ass."

Ryan didn't even bother to lift his head off the desk, "Nah, it ain't Johnny." She tugged a little harder, jerking his arm right off the side of the desk, he did an exaggerated sigh and rolled his head so he could look up at her.

"Then how come you're all emoish today?" Callie asked, tossing her long black braids behind her shoulder.

"I ain't being emoish, I'm just tired is all," Ryan mumbled, blinking up at his best friend. Callie looked slightly concerned, and reached over to pet his slightly buzzed hair like a pet dog, he sighed as her dark hand traveled in little circles on top of his head.

"How come your so tired?" She asked him, slightly slowing her hand.

"Don't know, just am," Ryan looked up, "Been having weird dreams is all."

Callie resumed her stroking, trailing her fingers across his skull, "What kind of dreams, huh?"

"Don't remember them," Ryan said, his eyes fluttering closed at her actions, "Are you trying to make me fall asleep, if you aren't, you'd better stop."

"What, you don't like me petting you?" Callie asked lifting her hand from his head, giving him a huff.

"Nah, I like it just fine," Ryan told her, keeping his eyes closed, "But your making," Yawn, "Me fall," Yawn, " asleep."

"Pshh," Callie said rolling her eyes, and looking around the classroom, "It's not like you'd miss anything, the teachers not even here yet."

"Mrs. Crambel should be here by now, the bell rang 15 minutes ago," He told her yawning, rolling his head to face away from her, "She's never late, the old prune."

Callie said to him, "I think we spoke to soon, here comes a substitute."

At this, Ryan did lift his head, raising it slowly of the desk to look at the figure entering the room, "He don't look like no sub," He told her resting his head on his hand looking at the man, "To young looking."

"Well his got the sub tag around his neck doesn't he?" Callie point to the little plastic tag that was around the man's neck, resting silently on his chest.

Ryan, along with the rest of the students in the class, studied their replacement teacher for the day. He was only a few inches taller than Ryan, which was surprising, because Ryan was the tallest kid in his grade. Brown skin that was almost as dark as Callie's, with a Zen like look on his handsome face, his dusky green eyes studied the class in return.

A jock named Joey, who sat a few desk away from them, called out to the man, "Hey dude, where Mrs. Crambel?"

"My name is Mr. Shiva, not dude," He glanced at the jocks, "Mrs. Crambel had an accident rock climbing, I'll be your sub for the rest of the year."

"How could she be rock climbing," Callie asked the man, Mr. Shiva, "She's like 73, isn't she kinda old for that?"

"She very durable for her age," He told Callie, studying her closely, "What's your name?"

Callie looked taken back by his question, "Callie."

"Last name, please?" Mr. Shiva asked her, eyes pinning her to her chair.

"F'shuvai," She said, shifting uncomfortably on her seat, her eyes glancing down to her desk nervously.

"Hmmm, interesting," To Callie's relief, he turned his attention to the rest of the students in the class, "Your assignment is on the board, I'll call roll at the end of class."

Callie sighed, she asked Ryan, "Man , is he freaky or what?"

"Just a bit," Ryan gave her a half hearted smile, "But I'll protect you from him."

"Aw, you're so sweet," She said giggling, "You're so sweet I think your giving me tooth decay."

"Shudup Shorty," Ryan said, "Just for that, I should let creepy guys have their way with you."

"Oh you would never do that, you love me too much," She stuck her tongue at him.

"Oh, that's so mature," Ryan said, and rolled his brown eyes at her, "Stick it back in your mouth before I bite it off."

"I didn't know you swung that way," Callie joked, Ryan looked at her in horror and kicked her in the shin, "Ouch, what the hell Ryan, that hurt."

"Good," He growled at her, "You know better to say stuff like that at school, especially in this class."

She looked around, "Right, jocks, got it."

"Sorry," Callie said looking at him with big puppy eyes and a quivering bottom lip, "Please forgive me."

"I forgive you, for now," Ryan softened, his posture slumping slightly so he was resting against the back of his chair, "We should get to work, the creepy subs looking at us."

Callie glanced out at the corner of her eye, "Your right," She said, she reached down and pulled out her text book.

The rest of the class passed without a single complication, but Ryan could fell the subs eyes bore deep into them, hardly shifting off him and Callie. Near the end of the class, Ryan couldn't stand it anymore and ever so slowly, he raised his eyes to look at Mr. Shiva. He shivered at the intensity of the glance, but it was an empty one, and it scared him of how devoid of emotion the man's eyes looked.

Ryan looked down quickly, staring at his paper, but not really seeing the scribbled handwriting on it. The edges of his vision blurred as he stared intently at it, concentrating hard on it and not on the substitute teacher.

"Hey Ry, you still with me buddy?" Callie tapped his forehead, he looked up, "Come on lets go already, the bell just rang."

"Sorry, drifted off there," Ryan mumbled and shoved his things into his bag, and stood up and started to move toward the door slowing down only so Callie could walk next to him. Callie placed her arm around his waist and rested her head on his chest, because he towered over her, she couldn't reach his shoulder. Ryan slowed down even more, to accommodate for their new position, and so he could place his arm around her shoulders. He knew that other students thought that they were going out, and it was better off that way, it kept him from getting his ass beat and it kept Callie safe from unwanted suitors.

"Ryan, I think your tiredness is rubbing off on me, do you think we could bail out on last period," She asked him.

"Sure," Ryan said and they slipped past the crowd of students and out the nearest doors, and into the parking lot, walking quickly to his truck.

15 minutes later they arrived at Ryan's home, pulling into its graveled driveway, Callie jumped out as soon as put his truck into park. "I'm gonna go to my house to put my shit away, I'll be over in a few," she called over her shoulder, as she ran to her house, which was located right next to his.

"Door will be unlocked," Ryan yelled at her retreating back, "Don't be afraid to knock!" He knew it was a futile attempt, Callie never knocked, she always barged in. But a Ryan could always hope that one day she would learn some manners.

He turned his key, and the rumble of the engine died, and he climbed out of his truck. Locking the vehicles doors, he turned to walk toward his house, his Nikes hitting the gravel in dulled thuds. Ryan climbed up the steps and reached for the brass handle, turning it with a soft click, he stepped into his house and threw his things down on the ground next to the door.

A few minutes later, Callie found him in his kitchen pulling open cabinets and draws, in a search for and edible snack. "Hey Ry, what time is your mom supposed to be home?"

"She's working on an out of state case, the firm sent her to Michigan for a week," Ryan said, pulling out a jar of peanut butter.

"Sorry, didn't mean to pry," Callie said looking down, picking at her frayed blue finger nail polish.

"Don't worry about it," Ryan shrugged and grabbed to spoons out of another drawer, "It's weirder having her at home, I've gotten use to her not being here."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Callie said then changed the subject, "Is one of those spoons for me?"

"You know it," He tossed it to her, Callie caught it easily and twirled it around fancifully in her dark hands.

"Show off," Ryan said smiling at his best friend holding the jar out to her, she smiled back and stuck the spoon in the offered jar, digging it in deeply and pulling out a glob of peanut butter shoved it into her mouth.

Ryan felt something push on his bladder, causing him to groan loudly. He yawned and opened his eyes, grit scratching at them and his mouth oddly tasting like peanut butter. The TV was flickering in some infomercial, something that had to do about chopping a frozen chicken with ease, he turned his attention downward. There was a puddle of drool soaking into his shirt, and the head that was salivating all over him was also pressed into his stomach.

Callie snored loudly, letting out a snort occasionally, and snuffeled into his shirt. Ryan licked his cracked lips and shifted so that her head fell onto the couch with a thump. She rolled around onto her side, and continued snoring. Ryan stretched, after hearing his back give a loud pop, he shuffled to the bathroom to answer natures call.

When he padded out, the TV was flickering an eerie glow on his friend's dark face, making her black braids look blue in the gleaming light. Ryan felt surprised when her green eyes popped open to look at him, Callie gave him a small smile and Ryan returned it.

"You know, I would totally date you if you were straight," She told him, opening her mouth to let out a yawn, sitting up slightly.

Ryan sat next to her, "And what, ruin our perfect friendship?"

"Yep," She yawned again, "What time is it?"

"I don't know, late, I guess," Ryan yawned with her, "Stop yawning, it's contagious."

"Sorry," Callie stretched, tilting her neck and popping it loudly, "Shit, I forgot to feed Gilbert."

"Can't you wait till tomorrow to feed him?" Ryan asked his friend.

"No, you know how he gets," Callie told him, and got up off the couch, "I'll just run over to my house right now."

"Not in the middle of the night you ain't," Ryan said to her, getting up with her, "I'll go with you."

"Jesus Christ, Ryan," Callie looked at him in disbelief, "I only live next door, it's not like some perp is gonna jump out at me in the 15 foot space that separates our houses."

"I don't care, I'm still going," Ryan crossed his arms stubbornly.

Callie looked up at her tall friend, studying him with her green eyes, "Fine, whatever." Ryan smiled in victory and Callie rolled her eyes at him.

When they entered her house, Callie reached past him to flick a switch that sat on the wall nearest to them, illuminating the hallway in which they stood. It was mostly baron though, holding no family photos, just a small table near the door. Ryan knew that the rest of the house was like that, no photos of people, of Callie's family. But the house was painted a warm brown color that made it feel homely, even though it was empty of life.

"I'm gonna go grab his food dish," Callie turned to him, "Can you go look upstairs for Gilbert."

"Sure," Ryan said, and moved toward the stairs that lead to the upstairs. He heard Callie shuffling around downstairs, looking for her cat's dish.

He looked around, reaching out his hands in a search to find a switch on the wall, anything to defeat the darkness that had enveloped him. Ryan gave up though and stumbled to Callie's bedroom door, opening it quietly in the darkness. "Here kitty, kitty," Ryan called softly into the darkened room, pausing in the doorway, "Come on, Gilbert."

The floor creaked slightly as he stepped into his friend's room, Ryan called again a little more loudly this time and he heard a hiss come out from underneath the bed. "Found you," He said to himself walking over to Callie's bed and bending down to look underneath, finding a pair of yellow eyes staring at him, "Hey there Gilbert, whatcha doing under there, huh?"

The cat hissed at him, clawing at the air in front of him, showing his teeth. "Hey now, how come your hissing at me," Ryan reached the Gilbert, but the cat shrunk back, "You like me better than you do Callie."

The cat only hissed at him in response. Ryan got up and shouted out the door, "Hey Callie, your cat's gone all psycho on me," Ryan heard a dish crash downstairs, shattering against the floor, "Callie?"

"Callie, you alright," Ryan called to his friend, walking down the darkened hallway and down the stairs. He peeked his head around to the kitchen expecting to see his friend cleaning up a broken cat dish.

What he found though was his friend's dark face looking paler than he had ever seen it, because a stranger dressed in black was pointing a gun at her.