Okay, so this is my latest story idea. Please tell me what you think! Your opinions are much appreciated!




He ran. As fast as he possibly could, he ran. Heedless of all else around him and fleeing from the killers who were closing in. As he dashed along the city streets, he mentally cursed himself for being so stupid. He had known that it would come to this, all along he had known, he just hadn't expected everything to escalate so rapidly.

It seemed just yesterday that he had joined the Durbin Secret Service, but, in truth, it had been nearly ten years beforehand. After being orphaned at age eight, he had lived on the streets of Conkerd for roughly three years until the DSS agents had come along and rounded up all the orphans and street urchins in the area. He was gathered with the others and taken to a secluded location where they were all tested for special abilities. After lengthy tests and examinations, it was found that he had the ability to detect the presence of any living being. And, after being in somewhat close contact with any given being, he could remember what their unique aura felt like, in order to distinguish one being from another. He could also vaguely sense how events were going to play out. He could tell that some good or bad thing was going to happen in the near future, or that some person was going to show up in a particular location, but he couldn't always tell when those events where going to take place. He always knew the order of things but not the exact time, and most times, not even the specific details.

Nicknamed Cosmo, he was entered into the DSS training facility, taught how to be an agent and how to perfect his abilities. When Cosmo was nineteen years old, he was given his first real assignment. He was assigned to join forces with a suspicious ex-convict and learn anything and everything he possibly could about the man and his dealings with the underground.

Now after spending almost two years with the ex-con, Cosmo had been found out...

Now that you've read that preview, please take the time to answer these questions for me:

1. Did you even like it? If the answer is 'no' then you can skip the rest of the questions. If the answer is 'yes' then keep on answering.

2. Should I continue with this idea?

3. Did it make you want to keep reading to find out what happens next?

4. Would you recommend anything that I could change to make the story better?

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