Soccer god 1 M/M slash

Chris Farell was like the god of soccer. He was athletic, club champion and future club captain in the making even though just 19. He had women falling for him at his club, but he chose me. A meek, scrawny 15 year old who plays in the same club. Any woman he wanted but he chose me Toby Sellers, this is my story.

Toby has posters all over his wall of soccer players he admires. One day he wants to play professionally when he's a little older, a dream that every soccer mad kid probably has. Toby is a normal boy who like doing normal things, except when he's around Chris his brain goes into shut down mode, he can't speak and just wants to hide. But its impossible as Chris is the coach for Toby's under 16 team

Toby didn't understand these feelings at first, the shortness of breath when he stands near, a slight brush of his arm and his smile made Toby blush. It's normal he tells myself.

It was a warmish Sunday at training and the team collapsed to the grass after solid hour work out. Chris eventually told the boys all to hit the showers, everyone except.

"Toby can you stay back I want to talk to you" asked Chris

Chris was tall, dark wavy hair and a hot sweaty body since he removed his shirt. A lump had settled in Toby's throat.

"yes Chris" came this small croak from his strained voice box

"If it's ok with you I would like to spend an extra hour working on your foot skills"

"yeh ok" Toby's voice returned to normal tone

After hour of intense drills they headed to the showers. Toby sat down on the bench and kicked off his boots. Chris stripped naked and walked into the communal shower. Toby was beginning to feel inept of his own body in desperate need of a growth spurt.

Chris lathered up his body and looked over at Toby

"hey don't worry too much you have the talent just need to get you to use it" encourages Chris

"yeh maybe" responded Toby

Toby stripped also and got under the shower lathering his body.

Chris looks over "you still need to have fun though, don't take it too seriously not yet"

"if you say so"

Chris laughed "you missed at bit" and rubbed soap all over Toby's face, then playfully smacked him in the head.

"hey" Toby fighting him off, but not too hard because was enjoying the closeness

"ohh tough guy" jokes Chris and presses hand against Toby's chest pushing him slightly

Toby tried to move him back but Chris was too strong and chuckled at Toby's feeble attempts.

Chris released his hold and put his head under the water to wash off last of the soap

Toby smirked and reached across and turned off Chris's hot water tap, leaving him with a jet of freezing cold water. Toby quickly left the shower and wrapped towel around his waist

Chris swore as he tried to turn the tap off quickly. Chris looked over at Toby and caught his towel as it was thrown at him. "oh ha ha, very funny" he quipped

Toby giggles proud of his achievement "yeh it was" gloated

Chris was wiping his back and Toby watched as his cock swaying from side to side. He quickly turned away and rummaged through his back, trying to hide his blush. He also bit his lip hard wishing his sudden urge would go down.

A voice next to him broke his thoughts "Toby you gone all quiet, is everything ok" asked Chris

"umm ahh I seemed to have forgotten my jocks" lied Toby

Chris laughed "that's what you get for not letting your mum pack your bag "

Chris dropped his towel and stood in front of Toby naked

Toby's mouth went dry "yeh" all his voice could muster

Toby reached for his deodorant when Chris grabbed his hand and pulled Toby roughly to him.

Toby froze not looking at him. Chris lifted his chin so there eyes locked

"You are so gorgeous Toby." Compliments Chris

"oh ok" his throat still dry, his chest beating so fast he worried it was going to leap from his chest.

Chris slowly lowered his lips onto Toby's stealing a kiss. Toby was yet to respond still too stunned to move. Chris not deterred snatched his lips again, parting Toby's lips with his tongue. Toby groaned from the sensation Chris was inducing followed by a gasp for air as Chris reached under Toby's towel and touched him.

Toby felt his cheeks reddening when he felt Chris grab at his erection. Toby returned the kiss but more forcefully by grabbing Chris's head. Chris continued to stroke and pull at him as their tongues danced in each other mouths.

Chris smirked and pushed Toby to sit on the bench. He looked down at his younger play, keeping his own desire in check. Chris dropped to his knees and kissed Toby again causing another groan.

Toby pulled back "oh my god the door, close the door he panicked"

Chris ignored Toby's fears and kissed down Toby's neck, chest and licked at his nipple. Toby felt light headed all of a sudden, he closed his eyes as he no longer had any control over his body's reactions. His eyes sprang open and cried out Chris's name when Chris took him completely into his mouth.

Chris sucked him deep, tickling the tip of Toby's cock with his tongue. Toby was fixed on Chris and Chris looked up at him moaning as he tasted more of Toby's pre-cum.

Toby became transfixed on Chris's own erection but was too out of reach for him to hold. Chris got his attention back when he lightly squeezed his ball making Toby take a quick breath.

"oh fuck" groaned out Toby. He leaned back and put a hand on Chris's head feeling his pending eruption. "oh god yessss" with each stroke of Chris's hand and mouth bring him closer

Chris knew this was the sign to pick up the tempo as Toby's groans got louder, his body shaking. "Yes, oh god yes" cried out Toby holding Chris's head to his cock.

The force of Toby's cock pressing further into Chris's mouth was causing him to gag. Chris to get air tried pulling back from Toby, but Toby continued to force his cock deeper. He bucked and fired his hot, youthful seed down Chris's throat. Toby cries out as he bucked again unloading.

Chris eventually got free and collapsed to the ground throwing up what he had just received, gasping desperately for air.

The site of Chris's distress scared Toby to death, he then dressed and ran from the change rooms