Soccergod 2

Toby missed a week of training through embarrassment, but his father made him play on the game day.

He walked into the change rooms head held low not wanting to make eye contact with Chris. Chris read out the list and Toby was made to sit on the bench.

During the course of the game Toby's team was one player down through injury. Toby waited until they stretchered off his team mate and stood up taking off his jacket.

"Sit down Toby" growled Chris

"but Chris we are short" whined Toby

"I said sit down" he barked

Toby returned to his seat and sulked. The referee blew his whistle to end the game and Toby's team lost 1 nil. The team returned to the dressing room except Toby. He remained on the bench with his arms crossed sulking.

Chris came out and stood in front of Toby "you know why I benched you" asked Chris

Toby glared at him "oh I'm pretty sure why" growled "but taking it out on our team is unfair and stupid" he whined

"You are a valuable member of this team, you have the potential to go far but being part of a team means you turn up to trainings. You didn't turn up and you didn't call that is why I benched you. You have a responsibility to this club so start acting like you want to be apart of it."

Toby frowned and looked away.

"why didn't you come out to train last week Toby" asked Chris sincerely

Toby looked at him and scoffed "why do you think" fired back at his coach

"Well enlighten me please" pushed Chris calmly

Toby couldn't handle Chris's flippant attitude to the incident previous Sunday. The feeling of rejection and humiliation was too much and he ran off to the change rooms.

Toby stayed around to watch the senior's game and although still angry at Chris he still watched him. Chris's team also lost and it was a solemn night at the club for all

Toby stayed for presentation then grabbed his gear and decided to walk home rather than get a lift with one of the team members. He was 20 minutes into his walk listening to his music on his iPod when car pulled up next to him with the window down

"Toby get in" ordered the voice

Toby ignored Chris and kept walking.

Chris softened his tone "Toby please get in the car we need to talk"

Toby climbed into the passenger side and looked out the window

"umm Toby about last Sunday, I might have come on a bit too strong and I shouldn't have expected."

Toby shook his head "I'm so sorry Chris, I don't what came over me, I just panicked" Toby stuttering tone.

"you could have really hurt me. I couldn't breath that was why I pulled back. I can't believe you didn't even stay to see if I was ok" said Chris softly

"I know"came Toby's feeble reply, Toby catching breaths in pants.

Chris made Toby turn his head and was surprised to see tears in the young boy's eyes.

Toby bit his lip "I'm so sorry Chris…I just couldn't control myself, I feel so ashamed"

Chris smiled "Oh my young prince, control is something we need to work on" Chris leaned in and stole a kiss. Toby touched Chris's face and kissed him back with more passion, his tongue diving into Chris's mouth.

Chris pulled back "now young prince, remember control"

Toby's heart skipped at beat at being referred to young prince.

Chris didn't take Toby straight home, instead pulling off in a parking zone. They kissed some more, hands rubbing over each other. Chris told Toby to get into the back seat. Chris then climbed in to the cramped area and kissed Toby harder, licking his face and biting at his chin. Toby's hand floated all over Chris's body. Chris lifts up Toby's t-shirt and licked his navel, moving his tongue up until he sucked hard at Toby's nipples. Toby hips grinded up into Chris as his arousal grew tight in his track pants.

Chris put a hand on top of Toby's pants feeling the erection he had induced. He looked at how innocent he was but was going to teach his lover self control.

"take your shirt off"

It was off before Chris could even draw another breath and threw it in the front seat. Chris removed his own top. Toby's hand nervously touches Chris body, feeling his taunt nipples, his strong arms and touched his face.

Chris kissed Toby's neck, nibbling until he was next to Toby's ear.

"I bet you are really, really horny my young prince" teased Chris

Toby nodded enthusiastically waiting for Chris to touch him further down.

"good" Chris smirked and slowly reached down into Toby's pants stroking his cock softly.

Toby groaned and rose up into Chris's hand more. Chris pulled Toby's pants down a little to reduce the restriction he was feeling. He removed his hand and caressed Toby's cheek

"Toby I want you to touch me" requested Chris

Toby moved his shaking hand into Chris's shorts and felt his smooth shaft as it grew with each stroke he took. Chris moved to all fours and groaned

"harder Toby pull me harder" pleaded Chris. Chris pulled his shorts down releasing his large cock.

Toby rhythmically strokes and pulled at it, moving to his balls and squeezing them.

Chris gritted his teeth and dipped his head to take Toby's tongue into his mouth, sucking at him. Chris moved up and down occasionally dragging his cock against Toby's. Toby pulled harder, bring Chris down closer to his own cock as he felt his release close.

Chris grabbed Toby's face hard "Toby" he growled his face red "If you dare cum before I do I'm going to beat the living crap out of you, you hear me.."

Toby looked up in shock and fear. Chris slapped his face to get his point across and Toby nodded.

Toby picked up the pace more, Chris was starting to shake and buck, his balls tightened and cried out as he ejaculated over Toby's hand, his chest.

"don't stop" ordered Chris

Toby eyes fixed on Chris as he continued stroking him feeling another burst of heat hit his neck. Chris eventually fell to the side panting. He kissed Toby's cheek "good boy" he praised

Chris grabbed his own shirt and wiped his semen from Toby's chest and neck.

"that's why I got you to take your shirt off. Can't send you home to mummy with my cum stains on it eh" Chris squeezed Toby's cheek and kissed him roughly "right then lets get you home shall we."

Toby was very horny and hurt that Chris wasn't going to return the favour. Chris looked down at Toby's confused look and chuckled

"You see Toby it's about give and take. Last week I gave, this week you did the taking so that makes us about even." Convinced Chris

Toby got into the front seat and all the way home he felt uncomfortable. He so needed some relief. Chris occasionally glanced at Toby and his obvious erection and smirked

"control Toby, if you cum in my car I will beat the living daylights out of you , understand."

Toby nodded just as Chris pulled up side of Toby's house. Chris pulled Toby to his lips for a last kiss at same time he grabbed Toby's crotch hard."

Toby yelped in pain and frustration

"now go…. my young prince." Grinned Chris

Toby ran inside and dumped his gear yelling to his folks he was taking a shower. He locked the door to the bathroom then turned on the water and the radio loud. He got in and started pulling himself quickly, leaning into the wall and groaning. He was over aroused and not getting the urgent release he wanted.

"oh god fuck you Chris Farell" he cursed Then his knees buckled and he pounded the wall as he erupted against the shower wall. Exhausted he slid down the wall and let the water fall over him. He groaned into his hands

"fuck you Chris Farell he repeated.

The end.