Your Choice

You have a choice,

Of having a gift full of beauty and grace,

Then there's also,

The dark lined eyes, covered with a tear stained face,

With one of these,

You could have your friends jealous and have it all,

See her halo?

With it shining brightly, you could never fall,

It shines for you,

Piercing the darkness, you'll never lose your way,

You'll be happy,

That you didn't choose night, but you chose the day.

If you saw me,

You'd see my broken wings hidden within night,

You won't see me though,

I'll hide in dark skies, turn away any knight,

You can't save me,

Because I am not in any danger here,

Sometimes I wish,

I could take all your nightmares and kill your fear,

So which is it?

Although I seem to not want 'prince charming' there,

I know deep down,

I can't even fool myself, it's like a dare,

I'm split in half,

A part of me wants you to save me from me,

The other side,

Is willing to face the tossing of the sea,

I'm a bit scared,

To know that you might actually care deep down,

You're convinced that,

I won't give you a chance, but I'll come around.

Confused and scared,

To know that someone might actually care,

You might love me,

You might hold me, run your fingers through my hair,

Whisper sweet words,

Making me realize I'm only yours to keep,

I'll be with you,

I'll take away your fears and sing you to sleep.

My darkest days,

Have melted away, and I'm no longer me,

I was hurting,

You seem to be the only one who could see,

You saw past it,

I'm not that girl with a halo overhead,

I'm not perfect,

But I'll stand strong and not let you be mislead,

I won't break, bend,

Or even, under pressure, fall apart,

I'll sing love songs,

And make sure you understand you have my heart.

So tell me now,

Who do you choose?