The Rogue

To be like a rogue in a forest,

Independent, confident, and free,

Not afraid to be herself,

Not afraid

To be.


I wish, sometimes, I could be like her,

So strong, so wise, so resilient

To each and every thing the world throws at her.

She bounces back with a smile and a grin,

Never afraid to take on a new challenge,

A new day.


Through I want to be all of those things,

There is nothing I want more than to have her courage,

To be comfortable with being



She doesn't need anyone to tell her what to do,

To help her through life's dangerous paths and alleys;

She may have encouragement from friends,

But in the end she does it all



The rogue is her own best friend,

Her own confident,

And her toughest critic.

What others say does not matter to her,

For she knows who she is;

She is not the words and lies of others.


She is and will always be,

Who she wishes

To be.