I like my body when it's in yours

the smell you give off intoxicates me

nerves meeting ends under your breath

I like the way my back pushes into your chest when your fingers w a n d e r

I love my tongue when I'm over you; I want to memorize every t a s t e

I never knewthat the sound of my own name could make my toes c u r l

I find myself believing every word you say to me

"Really?" I ask in wonderment constantly every time you say to me F o r e v e r

People give me strange looks when I speak of you,

I suppose it has something to do with the look I get in my eyes when I do

I'm almost positive I s p a r k l e

I love the way you look at me when you think I don't know

It makes me want to pull you close and claim you as mine





Hours are days when I'm away from you

I'm addicted to you. Smell Touch Taste Sight Sound

And so we f a l l (yes dear)we f a l l

You make my world sweet

The air is candy coated when it comes from you

I love the way you allow me to crawl all over you, and claim every corner of your body

neck fingers hair lips

allthese things are m i n e

I love my body when its with yours

I love the way you watch me as I wander with a smile playing on your face the way you wait for me to come back and get you

I love the way you stand so close, to catch me if I f a l t e r

I love that we can love

I love that we are in love

I love that you love me