More Than Anyone
Chapter Sixteen
FYI: i altered the ending to chapter fifteen-part two, so for the people who haven't read/seen the alternate ending should go back and then read this (:
I also apologize for switching the last name for Jesse [McCain and McCartney] i didn't realize i was doing that =/ that's what happens when you write at 3 am.

"Well, I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do, here, Missy," Jesse let out a frustrated sigh as he paced the width of his room. "It was just a bet. A bet that I called off. A bet that I took to keep her safe." He snorted, running a hand through his hair. "That didn't turn out so well. She fucking slept with the guy! How am I the bad guy here?!"

Missy rolled her eyes. Sitting on the edge of his bed as her eyes followed his movements, back and forth across the room. Both hands resting on each side of her, she sighed and pushed herself off the bed. "Kay, you are making me dizzy. Sit down," she directed and grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him away from the pacing and onto his bed.

"But I'm right, right? I mean she just goes and gives herself to him like that? What the fuck, Miss? What gives her the right to be pissed? She shouldn't be pissed. I'm pissed. I'm pissed as hell." Jesse kept ranting with sharp hand movements and gestures until Missy simply raised a hand, silencing him. She took a seat on his desk chair, facing Jesse.

"I don't think you're understanding anything, except for your side of the story," she said then quickly raised her hand, silencing him once more, when she saw his mouth part open, ready to argue. "I totally get why you're pissed. I would be effing pissed to, I was, actually, when she told me. But take a look at the situation from her point of view." Missy sighed when Jesse scoffed, "Quit being a jackass and just listen."

"I know what I'm seeing from her point of view. I see James hovering over her, fucking naked!" Jesse exclaimed and stood up. "If she hadn't done that then I can see why she would be mad, but dude, she took it to a whole different level-"

"If you hadn't told her to leave, she wouldn't have done that with James," Missy said, cutting his sentence short.

"What?" He asked. "I didn't tell her to leave, when did I ever tell her to leave?"

"Seriously?" Missy chuckled, "Dude, she was confessing her 'wrong-doings' that one night, to you. Remember?" She said. "After your football banquet? She told me that you didn't even yell at her; you just told her to leave. She left her house keys here, so she called me, but my phone was off and then she called James." Jesse sat back down, his mouth partly open, remembering the events that happened that night.

"So if you really think about it... you kind of triggered it."

"Hey," Jesse said quickly, "I didn't yell, like you said, I just told her to leave, I did not tell her to go and have sex with the douchebag."

"No," Missy agreed, "But look, you didn't yell. That's the thing, it's like you didn't care and telling her to leave; that's like breaking a girl's soul. You broke her soul, man," she said jokingly. "But seriously, you need to go talk to her. Not me. Her."

"Hell no." He shook his head, "Nope, no way. She can come to me. I told her I was done. And I am. If she wants to talk, she can come here."

Missy rolled her eyes again, "You're so not done. You're not done with anything. You're clearly still hung up on this, considering this is the only thing you've been talking to me about for the past five days. You're never going to be done with any of this until you and her talk about it. So, you know what? I'm done. I've heard enough of this from both of you. Call me when you grow a pair and talk to her."

"Well, why can't she call me?" Jesse retorted, "She could have easily picked up her cell and called me, but she didn't."

"Dude, you told her that you were done. Why in the hell would she approach you first, dickwad?" Standing up, she grabbed her tote off his bed, "You two have been best friends since forever. Don't be all 'man' about this. Call her; talk. She's over being mad." With that said, she said her goodbye and left his room, leaving him alone with his thoughts.


Whitney laid in her bed, her iPod earbuds stuffed into her ears as the music device rested on her stomach. Jason Mraz's soothing voice filled her as she stared blankly at her ceiling. It had been almost an entire week since the argument between her and Jesse and the entire scene kept repeating in her mind. And the past five days, at school, was difficult. The first few days of class, just after the argument, between them was tense. Neither would look at the other when in the same classes and if they were to pass by in the halls, they'd look away.

She pursed her lips before sighing and slapping a hand over her eyes, temporarily dimming the lights in the room. Looking through her fingers, she turned her head slightly to the side, checking the time on her nightstand. 6:04 PM, it read. It had been three hours since they let out from their classes today and Whitney still hadn't started on her homework. Always one to complete assignments as soon as she reached home, this was different. The amount of stress within her had her slacking on her school work. Deciding that it would be better than later, Whitney reluctantly pulled herself up from lying down and reached over her bed, yanking her backpack in her lap.

The music switched from Mraz to Bryan Greenberg's Someday while she unzipped her bag and pulled out all the necessary contents, spreading them across the bed. Once all she needed was in front of her, she pushed her backpack off to the side and let her gaze skim over the material. Grabbing the notes from her Literature class, she read the first line not grasping what it said. So, she read it over and over and over again still not taking in the information. Whitney let the papers drop from her hands as she slumped against the wall parallel to the bed.

"I hate this..." she muttered, closing her eyes, letting her head drop in her hands. Inhaling deeply she lifted her head up and reached for her cell phone lying on top of her pillow. Flipping the phone open, she formed a half smile looking at the wallpaper. It was both of them sitting next to each other eating ice cream. Jesse's cup was empty so he was peering over at Whitney's half full cup. Story of their lives. - She pressed the upper right corner button, having the contacts appear on her screen. Typing in the letter B, his title showed up, highlited "Best Friend." Whitney pushed OK, having the next screen list his cell phone number. Biting her bottom lip, she let her thumb hover over the Call button but as she brought her thumb closer to Call, she heard the last words he said to her, "I'm done."

She let out a hefty exhale. "Well, I'm not," she said to herself and with just a little bit of hesitation, pressed it. The call was connected as she pressed the phone to her ear. Each ring made her heart beat faster and when his voicemail came up, she felt her heartbeats gradually slow down to its normal pace. Jesse was never one to listen to voice messages, so before getting to the 'beep' she shut her phone, throwing it back on the pillow.

Closing her eyes once more, she let herself fall back to her original position of staring at the ceiling, iPod resting on her stomach when she heard a muted voice call her name softly. Taking a bud out of one ear, she reluctantly sat up, turning her head towards the bedroom door about to yell, asking who called for her, but before she could get any words out her heart began racing again but with more speed. Turning her body around completely, she took the other bud out of her ear.

"You called?"