Sweet Revenge

Sixteen year-old Alisa Foreman sat on her bed by the window. It was snowing outside. It was as cold outside as how she felt inside. Her ice blue eyes showed sorrow. Her black hair was up in a ponytail. Her thin lips, curled.

"Alisa, do you want anything to eat?" her mother knocked on her door, asking.

"No!" she answered.

She could hear her mother walk away from her room.

Alisa looked to her right. On the wall was a family portrait. Her parents were standing in between her and her sister. Alisa pulled her lamp from her bedside table and threw it at the portrait. The glass shattered into millions of small pieces. Hot tears wet her cheeks.

Suddenly, she stopped crying when she heard Camilla, the housekeeper screamed.

Alisa ran out and saw Camilla standing outside her parent's room with the door opened. She ran towards Camilla and her eyes opened wide like they could pop out any minute.

In the middle of her parent's room, she saw her mother's body swinging from side to side, hanging from the chandelier.

Now, she had no family left. Her sister was shot. After that, her father left the family without any note left behind and now, her mother committed suicide.

When her sister died, she cried. When her father left, she cried. Now, there were no more tears left out her. Now, all she wants is revenge on the one man who started all this.

5 years later…

"Carter!" she ran to her boyfriend who she's been dating for almost three years when she walked out of the arrival hall.

"Baby, I miss you," he hugged her.

Twenty-one year-old Rachel Devon had looks to die for; tall, model-thin, blonde, hazel brown eyes and full lips. She almost looked like Gisele Bundchen's sister.

Carter drove Rachel back to their home. They had been living together for almost a year. Things were going great.

When they reached home, Rachel brought her luggage upstairs and started unpacking with a smirk on her face. Underneath all her clothes, she took a silver handgun out and loaded it.

Downstairs, Carter was leaning against the kitchen counter, holding a small red box in his hand. Inside was a five karat canary diamond ring. Carter smiled. He wanted Rachel to be the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

"Carter, can you come up and give me a hand?" Rachel called.

Carter went upstairs after putting the red box into his pocket. He went into the room and smiled at his future fiancée.

"Help me unpack," Rachel asked, smiling sweetly at him.

Carter went over and gave Rachel a kiss on her forehead. Rachel held his hands, making sure that he would not touch the gun hidden by her shirt.

"One thing before I help you unpacked," Carter said.

By the bed, Carter went down on one knee and took the red box from his pocket and opened it. Then, he showed it to Rachel.

"Rachel Anne Devon, marry me," he said.

Rachel pretended to be shocked, covering her mouth with her right hand. Then, she put her hand down and smirked.

"I have a surprise for you first," Rachel said.

Rachel took the gun from underneath her shirt and pointed it at Carter's forehead. Carter dropped the box with the ring in it on the ground.

"Rachel, what are you doing?" he asked, shocked.

"First of all, my name is not Rachel. It's Alisa. Ring any bells?" Alisa asked.

"What are you talking about?" Carter asked again.

"Don't you remember the girl you killed seven years ago?" Alisa yelled angrily.

"I didn't kill anyone!" Carter protested, now, down on both knees.

"Her name was Ava Foreman, my sister!" Rachel took a picture out of her pocket and threw it in front of him.

Carter picked the picture up and stared at it in disbelief. Then, he looked at Alisa again.

"Who are you?" Carter asked.

"Alisa! I'm Ava's sister! You killed her! You took her from me! You took my whole family from me! After Ava died, my dad left home. Then, my mother committed suicide. You took my life from me!" Rachel said, pointing the gun closer to his head.

"Bullshit! I know how Alisa looks like. You're not her!" Carter shouted back.

"You're right. Alisa looked a lot different back then. But then again, plastic surgeries can make a lot of difference," she ran her other hand through her hair.

Alisa smirked at Carter again. Her smirk disappeared when Carter started smirking.

"You don't have the guts to kill me. You should've seen how Ava begged for her life before I stabbed her," he said.

"Shut up! You do realize whatever you're saying isn't going to help you live any longer?" Alisa smirked again.

This time, Carter's smirk disappeared when Alisa pressed the gun against his forehead.

"Go to hell, bastard," Alisa said before pulling the trigger.

Blood oozed out of Carter's head as he fell to the ground. Alisa, who was still smirking, took Carter's shirt and wiped the gun clean. Then, she took his hand and put the gun in his hands. From her pocket, she took out a letter.

Alisa, my fiancée,

I know after telling you this, you might not forgive me for what I've done. Even I cannot forgive myself.

I confess to you now that I have killed your sister. I never intended to hide this from you or even fall in love with you.

That is why I have done what I did. I have killed myself. If you find my body lying on the ground with blood oozing out from my head, I am most sorry that you have to live with that image for the rest of your life.

Though, I have made a will. Everything I own is now yours.

Know that I always have and always will love you.


Alisa took the red box beside her dead 'fiancée' and placed the ring on her finger. Then, she took her handphone and called the police.

"My fiancé… It's my fiancé. He… he… he killed himself!" she pretended to cry hysterically.

Minutes later, the police arrived. She was still acting, pretending to cry. She passed the typed out letter to one of the police officers.

After investigations, police announced the tragedy as suicide.


She went into her car after Carter's funeral service.

"Asshole, wasting my money!" she said to herself.

Luckily for Alisa, Carter did not have any close family members or friends left. From now on, she could just be Alisa and not Rachel. In fact, those who attended his funeral were her friends, and a few mourners she hired.

Then, she went to another graveyard where her mother and sister were buried next to each other.

She smiled.

"He's gone for good now," she said to the both of them.

She got back into her car with all her belongings packed inside. Then, she drove off. She was finally letting go of her past and moving on. She was leaving all the pain she's been through. She was finding a new and better life for herself…