Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Fall in Love Story Explanation

Hey, everyone. It's vimaro22, and we've come to the end of another story. As always, there is a story explanation that follows the last chapter (or in this case, the epilogue), just so you can get a sense of a little bit more of the story's details, characters, plot points, etc. Moving on…


The Plot

Miles is gay. Right…?

Miles and Ryan have been best friends for years. No one would ever expect romantic involvement between the two of them, let alone them. Yet, Miles likes Ryan. It's the only thing he knows. Miles doesn't identify as gay because he's only ever liked one guy… Ryan. Well, despite what Miles might think, he is gay, and it isn't just a phase he's going through. The idea of this story was to represent a teenage boy who never questioned his sexuality, and was never worried about it, until it comes back to bite him in the ass and he has to deal with it. The fact that Miles was forced into coming out might not have been the healthiest thing, but the bottom line is that he needed it. Miles was perfectly comfortable liking Ryan, and he was pretty good at hiding it, but it would have eventually destroyed him internally. He loves Ryan. That's all there is to it. Coming to terms with who he is would only make him a better person. He's a little more world-wise now…

Ryan has a sucky home life. He moves on.

Ryan: 1. has a father he hardly ever speaks to that lives on the other side of the country, 2. has an alcoholic mother that is abusive on occasion, and 3. has an older sister that he barely sees because she took off as soon as she got a scholarship to boarding school. In spite of all of that, Ryan has the capability to move on. He can get past it. He's a fighter. Instead of screwing up his life and making things more difficult, he's working to be better. He's striving to be better. Why? Because he has to be. He has to be better than what he's known his entire life. Ryan is a great person, and it's almost heartbreaking to realize what he's dealt with his whole life, but you have to realize what an amazing person he is to just suck it up and get over it. Not many people can do what Ryan has done his entire life.

The baseball background…

Yes, there was a very large baseball background in this story. The reason for the whole thing with baseball was to serve my own selfish interests. I really like baseball. I was the manager for the freshman baseball team my freshman year of high school, and I became friends with a lot of the guys on the team. I added baseball to this story as a "tip-of-the-hat" to the 2007 freshman baseball team at my school, because I had a lot of fun with the guys on the team. Baseball also served as a nice common ground for the characters, namely Miles, Ryan, and Brad. Ryan is a star baseball player, and Miles and Brad are also really good as well. Brad is the second-best pitcher they have, and when Miles begins to catch up to Brad as far as abilities go, Brad decides to put a stop to it (there has obviously been some speculation as to whether or not Brad is gay himself and the reason for his behavior is because Brad likes Ryan and he's jealous of Miles… I'll let you decide for yourself what you think, but I think you all know what I was pushing at. ;-) ). In any case, hopefully the baseball in this story added a little bit of flavor and made it a bit more interesting. In the meantime, Go Phillies! I heart Aaron Rowand. :-)


The Characters

Miles Baron

Miles is a typical sixteen year old boy. He's not into school work and he loves sports; he's attractive, and girls like him. There's just that one tiny detail of him being gay. However, it takes a little while for him to finally admit that fact. When he does, all hell breaks loose, so-to-speak. While he's not exactly friendly, he's not a complete jerk. He is pretty funny on occasion. Miles is pretty self-centered, as most teenagers are. He's very wrapped up in his own emotions, and the phase of, "Me, me, me." Miles isn't completely selfish, but he definitely thinks mostly about himself. I rather like Miles. He's a lot like teenage boys I know (minus the gay part; while I have my suspicions of some boys, I have yet to have them confirmed). What I love most about Miles is his overall love of Ryan, in both the platonic and romantic way. Setting aside that Miles is "in love" with him, Ryan is quite literally his best friend, and Miles loves him in that sense. It wouldn't matter if Miles was gay or not, Ryan is still his best friend. As for the romantic sense, Miles loves him, plain and simple. Call it puppy love, call it first love, it doesn't matter. The point is… Miles definitely loves him, or at least he loves him in the best way he knows how (whether or not it's real is up for you to decide). And, well, Miles loves him regardless of anything that happens, even Ryan's circumstances. And that is what's beautiful.

Ryan Helton

Ryan's an all-around nice guy. He's the really attractive, smart, funny, nice, athletic boy. The one who casts everyone else in the shadows because it seems like the light only shines on him. Yet… There's that little point of his father living on the other side of the country, his sister in boarding school, and his mother being an alcoholic. The great thing about Ryan is that he is overcoming all of that rather than making dumb mistakes and screwing up his life. He has major issues at home, but he is able to get past them (mostly thanks to Miles and his family). Like Miles, Ryan has an unconditional love; he loves Miles no matter what, which is probably the reason he was okay with what was going on with Miles. Well, one of them (foreshadowing for the sequel, so make note of that). Either way, Ryan seems to me to be one the nicest people you could ever know. He'd be a nice guy to be friends with. Granted, he does have his moments where he's kind of an ass, but you have to remember… He's sixteen! (Just as a note, in case you're wondering about birthdays, Miles is exactly two weeks older than Ryan. Miles's birthday is November 28th and Ryan's is December 12th of the same year.)

Brad McConaughey

Let's face it: if Brad didn't exist, would there be a story? Yeah, probably. It just wouldn't have been so dramatic. Miles would still be denying he was gay, and Ryan would likely have never found on. On some level, we should all thank Brad for being an ass and for forcing Miles out of the closet. I quite like Brad, really… I mean, I'd hate to know someone like him in real life, since he's so awful. However, for literary purposes, he is quite fun. Like I said before, there is the question about whether or not Brad is gay. Also, like I said before, I'll let you decide for yourself. Yet I believe all the clues are there as to what it was I was going for… In any case, I think Brad served his purpose, and even if he isn't exactly a little angel, you can't deny that he isn't interesting. On a final note, Brad will be around in the sequel, but he won't have as large a role; if anything, he'll be around for flavor.

Linda and Richard Baron

Miles's awesome parents… Yeah, they're cool. Seemingly oblivious on occasion, but I think they're pretty cool. They not only serve as parents to Miles and Charlie but also to Ryan, and they love Ryan like he's their own, which I think is amazing. I guess you could call them the epitome of great parents. They were very important characters in the story, even if they weren't around much. After all, where would Ryan be without them? Where would Miles be without them?

Belinda Jackson

Belinda was a character I added when Miles needed to talk to some other people during his little fight with Ryan. She's annoying in the beginning, but I believe she turned out all right. At least she got over her crush on Miles, which was probably the most obnoxious part about her. She WILL be around in the sequel, and she'll likely play a much more vital role.

Charlie Baron

I wish I had an older brother like Charlie. World-wise, smart, funny, and caring, Charlie is probably my favorite character in the entire story besides our two main boys. He is blunt with Miles, which he needs to be. He understands things without Miles having to go into a tizzy trying to explain them. Above all, he loves Ryan like he's his brother. There isn't much to comment on about Charlie; he's just an all-around good guy.

Any others

There were a few other characters in the story, like Andrew and JJ, who were only around for basically a split second. If, for any reason, you want to know about them, then message me and I'll be happy to explain them to you.


The Chapter Titles

True to my past stories, as well as the story explanations, I have compiled a list of the chapter titles. The chapter titles are, once again, song titles. I have listed the chapter, the song title, and the artist that did that song. If the song or artist interests you, I encourage you to check it/them out. All of these songs were taken from my iTunes. Note: I do not own any of these songs. All rights are reserved to their respective owners. (Also, just as another notation, the title of this story also belongs to an article I found online. I thought it only right to note that article. It is entitled "Don't ask, don't tell, don't fall in love," and was written by Dave Cullen (he has his own website, you can look it up if you would like). It is an article about lives of gay military leaders. Just so you know…)

Chapter One: Hey Now Now by Swirl 360

Chapter Two: The Best of You by Foo Fighters

Chapter Three: Don't Go Away by Oasis

Chapter Four: Teenager by Better Than Ezra

Chapter Five: You Get What You Give by New Radicals

Chapter Six: Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace

Chapter Seven: Save Me by Hanson

Chapter Eight: New Deep by John Mayer

Chapter Nine: Future Says Run by Tonic

Chapter Ten: Climbing the Walls by Backstreet Boys

Chapter Eleven: Clarity by John Mayer

Chapter Twelve: Over Now by Busted

Chapter Thirteen: Amsterdam by Coldplay

Chapter Fourteen: Better Than This by Busted

Chapter Fifteen: Changes by 3 Doors Down

Chapter Sixteen: On Fire by Switchfoot


A Final Note

I seem to keep aiming towards slash stories, huh? Well, that's okay. As long as there is an audience for them, I'll keep writing. And as long as I have people reading those stories!!! Thank you for reading (and if the occasion calls for it, reviewing). I really appreciate it. I'm going to continue writing, and I have a lot of ideas that I'm working with right now. Now, I know that this story needs a lot of work and needs to be edited, but hopefully it was interesting for you to read! Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday. To everyone who celebrates it in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! Once more, thanks for reading. I'll be back soon!



This is the place where I'd like to make the dedications for this story:


The fact that you are so enthusiastic is probably what kept me going with writing this story. If you hadn't constantly asked me about the story/chapters, I don't know if I would have continued with it. You are the reason I finished this story, and I just want to thank you. I heart Chelsea. :-)


On that note…

"If you can't fall in love with your best friend, then who can you fall in love with?"

- I Think I Do ( - This, apparently, is a movie. I've never seen it. I just saw the quote online one day and thought it fit this story.)