A/N: I used to find flowers on my doorstep, music, poems. The boy next door hoped I'd guess who they were from, and never told me a thing. He lives in Sofia now, and has a picture of me on his wall; I let him down.

I thought of you because I'm all alone.

I watched you walking down my street so many times: you're like a breath of spring. Or a winter morning. You're a late autumn sunset, wild and sad and flawless. I'm too poetic, I know, but I can't compare you to anything real, I don't know what you're like.

Let me in, I promise I'm worth it. I know your eyes, we're two of a kind.

I know your smile. I saw you twirling round and round in the rain last year, eyes closed, face upturned, coat billowing around your legs.

We're two sides of a coin.

Love's like wine. You're alone in a crowd - but you care for the crowd, you're afraid of them. Love's like bondage. Every choice you make begs for approval. So I'm begging you, let me in.

I'm tired of sending you flowers. I'm tired of writing poems. I'm tired of watching from afar, living in front of my window, being afraid of you. Let me in, it's cold on your porch.

I promise I'm worth it. You blow my mind, give us a chance.

I'm tired of dreaming of you.