My name is Rayn, and this is my story. I know that sounds like a really dumb way to start the story of my life until now, when I'm eighteen and about to graduate as a senior from a prestigious boarding school called Manorfield Private. But basically, no one has known me. That's fine; I'd rather have it that way. I like to spend my spare time in the library or with my bookish roommate, Raychel. I'm just not an outgoing person; she knows it, I know it, and we both accept that.

Only, at the beginning of this year, my dear brother decided he wanted to make my life a living hell, him and his friends. They all transferred to Manorfield, for no particular reason. Actually, they did have a reason—something about the attempting to get good grades in their last year of school before college. Yeah, right. There are more girls than guys here at Manorfield—tell me that that had nothing whatsoever to do with it!

But frankly, I had spent eleven years, not counting this year working for a good reputation, and Galen, my dearest twin brother, would come in and wreck it in a week. Then I have to go through the agony of having his friends here as well.

See, my brother is really attractive (but he has to be, or the drama wouldn't be as fun. I really hate drama.), and thus, members of the female gender tend to fall perfectly coiffured head over shiny, expensive and designer stiletto heels. And I have to deal with all of their slaps. Why? Because they couldn't possible slap the perfect Galen, so they seem to pretend that I am my brother and slap me, raging all the while that I should keep better track of him and teach him how to treat girls. As if I'm his keeper!

I hate it. I wish he wasn't attractive, and sometimes I wish he wasn't my brother. Of course, he doesn't know that I despise him. He can be perfectly oblivious whenever he feels like it. Which is often. He think we have a great life together, and that I love him to death, would do anything for him.

The problem is that I actually do. When he's drunk over the summer, I go and pick him up, cover for him to our parents, and take care of him. When he gets in fights I do the same. By the way, both of those things have been happening much too often over the past two or three years.

And I hate him for it. I really do. I hate that he makes me do these things. And now he was coming to my school, him and his friends. I had no reason to expect that his friends would be any different than he was, and I was pretty much right. In fact, I knew that I was right. I'd met some of his friends before, and I really didn't like them either. Galen is attractive, and he hangs out with the same type. So typically, he's surrounded by gorgeous humans and it pisses me off.

I suppose that I have to mention that I am seen as the cold hearted girl at school. I was hurt by a male when I was younger, and ever since then I've thought that the entire thing of love was somewhat overrated. So I don't date, and I actually haven't been kissed. Shocking, I know. I have survived perfectly fine with my virgin lips for my life so far, and I didn't really see what was so great about the making out idea anyway. I mean, whenever I watched a romance movie and I saw a kissing scene, I thought that it looked like they were eating each others faces. Anyone else ever noticed that?

Galen still seems to think that we're the perfect twins. We look alike (except I'm prettier in a feminine way), with black hair and light blue eyes. We have a rather classic facial structure, and it looks kind of unusual for where we live in Washington State. We're both tall (I'm five eight) and thin. But something started building in me after I received the news that my brother would be attending Manorfield for our senior year. I hated our parents for it, and I really hated my brother for even thinking of suggesting it.

And I'd never felt hate for my entire family before. But I did, and I didn't like it. I really wanted to get out of school, leave for college, and only come home during the holidays for a brief visit. However, I'd have to suffer a year with my brother and his friends first. I tried not to cuss and curse, but I could tell that this year was going to be like living in hell.

And it was. Something had to give.

Heya people... don't throw things at me for not updating this. It's up for a SKoW award, so people should go and vote for it. Anyway, my life has been really wierd over the past few months, and I found out that I was going on an exchange program next year. No, I don't know where I'm going, and I won't until mid-February.

But I decided to run through this thing again for a rough edit and then finish it up, hopefully before I leave. Any comments would be appriciated mucho!