The Giant and the Dragon


In the land of Nonsuch Lived a giant named Brutus.

And a dragon named Much.

And how they got along is widely known.


The giant and dragon were enemies.

The giant was a very evil one.

While the dragon was a friendly one,

They were always fighting together.


One day a little boy name Sean.

Decided he was going to try.

To make the giant and dragon

To become good friends.

So he went to the dragon and the giant

And said to them, "why can't you be friends,"

And they told him, "We can't be friends.

Because good and evil don't go together very well."


"Well that's nonsense," said Sean.

"Well little boy you have a lot to learn

About life," answered the dragon.

Good and evil will never get together at all,' the giant said.


So the little boy just walked away

Disappointed that he could not help

The dragon and the giant,

To become friends.