Reflections in a Glass Bottle

So with the silver rum bottle in my hand

I think back to a small hamper

White and woven


Full of dirty clothing

And memories…

It held this tainted glass bottle

The one that washed my mother in filth

Along with my memories

It was the one that made her scream

The one that made me cry

The one that made me fear

But it was also through this bottle

That I found maturity

That I grew

That I was molded

Into the person that I am now

It was through this bottle that I

Found Christ

And scorned the devil

And yet fell into temptation

For although I never drank from it

My mother did.

The smell of the inner liquid is causing nausea

And so are the memories…

I needed to put it down

But I couldn't help let my eyes glaze over

And fix back to those nights

When I was all alone

With a mother that let this bottle

Control her life

And her every move

The nights that shattered my hopes

And yet created new ones of future life

That I wished for

And responsibilities were taught to me through that bottle

I know how to treat people

Or how not to at least

And I must now turn away from this bottle

The label

And the memories

Today I must go on

The past is gone

The future is ahead

I am walking

And running

And finding new memories

After my reflections in this glass bottle.