Hunny, I gave you a choice

And your silence gave me my answer

Hunny, you said you could wait two years

It's a shame that you couldn't even wait

Two months

And years are a lot longer than months

And just as much as you say that you are

Only half as dumb as you look

Well I am more than half as dumb as I look

I am more than a girl with a pretty face

I am more than skin deep

I am more than one fight

One hatchet

I forgive

And I don't always say everything right

And I am human

I say things that I don't mean

Hunny, I thought you were more mature than you are

I thought that you'd have the balls to give me an answer

Other than silence

I thought that you'd have the balls to speak

But I guess I was wrong

I thought you promised me I could trust you

So much for that

And I think when I called you a liar I was right

So you weren't going to tell me if you didn't like me

Because it would hurt me

So instead you ignore me?

And pretend you don't know me?

So much for caring…

So I am assuming that all the crap about

Loving me was all a lie too

I wouldn't be surprised.

I bet if I died it wouldn't even move you

And I guess I was wrong about you

You are stupid in a way

For proving me right.