"i am a can of coke"

half empty, half full; whatever. i'm still
indecisive and full of fizz
that will eventually go flat.

caffeinated, and oh so good for you.
taste this, sugar and
eat your diabetic heart out, baby.

love me or hate me: it doesn't matter.
just as long as you buy me for $1.20
at your local supermarket.

i'm one of those superficial concoctions
that's full of shit
but you still buy me anyway.

i am a can of coke:
and my shiny logo is only aluminium-deep
inside, all i am is
(colours, flavours and preservatives)

I don't own Coke or the Coca Cola Company.
If any pro-Coke fans read this poem and feel disgusted/offended by it...don't worry..i'm not really IN the stuff you drink, rest assured.