Oh, Little Kitty Cat.

You are so gray,

And white.

You meow when you want food,

And purr when I pet you.

You are just so cute

With your small little nose

And your big brown eyes.

I will love you,

until the day you die.


Today I hear that you were sick,

My little kitten.

With something that is incurable.

Mom said we are going to put you down.

I don't want too,

But the vet says so.

So I took you out of the cage,

And ran.


You puked on me a few times

But I still love you.

You keep shaking,

I want you to stop

But you don't.


As I sit on the swing,

You, my friend,

Limp in my arms.

My mom finds me,

About to yell at me,

But all I could do was cry.

The End.