Fire and Frost

She soars towards him on the summer winds. Her hair is a flaming fire-gold, her wispy dress claret and her scent that of fresh tangerines. She scorches him when he tries to touch her, so he lures her away from the cerise corona into the twilight of his world, scarlet sunsets spilling as she smolders in his cold arms. He collects and places midnight flowers on her pillow, but she always burns blue blossoms.

It's not my color, she says.

He glides towards her on the winter storms. His hair is a resplendent rime, his thick furs hoarfrost and his scent that of bitter blizzards. He freezes her when she tries to caress him, so she chases him away from the arctic tundra into the sunrise of her world, ivory icicles imparting as he thaws in her hot embrace. She gathers and leaves apricot celestials on his pillow, but he always crystallizes crimson comets.

It's not my color, he says.

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